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How did you overcome a rough start in Sales?

I love my new job. It is AMAZING. I had a great first month but now these last 2 months have been emberassing!

I sell premium Internet and Telephony systems. We have good stuff.

I know I have it in me to succeed. I know I need practice tuning my ear to be a better listener. I know I need to sharpen up to respond quicker with relevant info and solutions. I've been reading The Sales Bible and Gitomer.com and Justsell.com and all sorts of stuff.

What's killing me is my self-confidence. I can't fake like I feel great anymore here because like I said I'm bombing.

Share we me a story about you or a colleague who got off to a rough start in Sales and how that period was overcome. - by DedicatedCircuit
I knew a guy who was so broke he couldn't pay attention. His self-confidence was in the toilet. He was walking out the door of his office never to return (he was giving up) when he bumped into the president of the company who was coming in. To make a long story short the two had a brief exchange of words where the president expressed his high expectations for this salesperson. This brief encounter was all it took to get that salesperson on track. He didn't want to let the president down and used the president's expectations as both fuel and a shield against the elements. It worked. Within no time the salesperson was lighting up the boards. thmbp2; - by Liberty
Inspiring story Liberty. I've heard similar stories with similar results. Thanks for sharing. thmbp2; - by Marcus
Used to belong to that 80% club where few sales were made.

Stick-to-it ness with serendipidity and careful study are what did it for me. - by Wonderboy
create an environment that is conducive to your success.thmbp2; - by job ready strategist
One of my first sales jobs was a telemarketing gig when I was 16. Hear 100 no's before you hear 1 yes. When you get over the fear of rejection you can go anywhere. You will also learn very quickly to not get mad at "no", or you will be a very mad person.thmbp2; - by Jon on Maui
If you want motivational quotations and stories, the best I have seen is Bob Proctor's "Insight of the Day."

It is good that you are reading up on how to sell.
It would be far better if you learned an effective, linear sales process that does not require memorization, which you could customize to your company's products and services.

A sales process is like a set of carpenter's tools. An unmatched set with many missing tools may enable you to get the job done, but very slowly and not very well.

A good quality matched set, in all sizes, enables you to select the right tools for each job and it does not take long to learn how to use them effecively. - by JacquesWerth
Back in the sixties when I first entered the sales field I went through what you're going through.

A couple of things I remember stuck. The first was a saying that I read, but I can't remember who, is that: "Go as far as you can see, then see how far as you go."

The second thing I did was to take the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. Had to make payments on that for a year but it gave me a foundation. Took it again a couple of years ago.

Chuck - by Sales Pro 1000
If it hadn't been for the fact that I needed the money, I would have quit my first professional sales job at least a hundred times. I literally couldn't afford to quit. 9 years later I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

My guess is that your primary reason for self-doubt is because you're worried about your standing with the bosses and of course your spot on the sales board. My advice is to consistently show your desire to succeed and optimism for the job. The management has seen 100's of sales people come and go. A good attitude and committment to your job will buy you plenty of time. That's not to say that being a good employee will keep the heat off of you forever, but I'm sure you'll get some more wins under your belt.

Show your value in other ways, it will be noticed and you will feel better. You'll get better and better and have better months.

If I were in your shoes, knowing what I know now, I would have an honest conversation with my boss. Let them know I was still very excited about the opportunity but was concerned over my win rate and ask for ideas. My bet is they'll tell you that it happens to everyone, and will appreciate your interest in fixing it.

Sorry for the long-winded response but I hope this helps!

Justyn - by Justyn
I don't have a story to share, but I'd highly recommend reading Michael Boylan's "Accelerants" and Chet Holmes' "Ultimate Sales Machine." Both are excellent resources to get you fired up again along with offering up some solid methodologies to improve performance. - by rogerbauer
For anyone new to sales it can be intimidating, that's for sure.

Here is an easy way to start and get over the hump so to speak.

1- Search your industry or company and model top performers because success leaves clues.

2- Have a consistent sales process so you can monitor and correct weak areas.

3- Stick to basics and do not try to reinvent the wheel

4- Ask yourself "How Can I?" and you will find the answers.

All the best,

Salespro - by salespro
You know, there have been several times in my career where I went through this and I always read a good sales book to get me fired up agian. May I suggest the Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle. It's great for getting you back to the grain and firing you up. Also, go into work take a day to get reorganized and go in with the attitude " I will not sell anything today!" sounds crazy? I am sure you are under alot of pressure to perform at this point. Take the pressure off and try just chit chatting with every customer you can without selling them anything. You'll be suprized how a sale can just fall in you lap, when you don't smell like a starving saleman. Good Luck and get Fired UP! ;yho - by staceylee
I always say to my new reps, try selling the less complicated product first. Small success would normally snowball. It gets you motivated. Try visuallizing your success by actually seeing that you've made the sales........It will help and it will come!
sn;Roslan - by Roslan
I had a rough start in sales, too.

But I instinctively knew that my impatience was my main enemy, and that time was on my side. So while I waited for time to pass, I immersed myself in listening to tapes (cassettes back then!), reading books, and recording my own sales appointments so I could listen to them afterwards. Eventually, my experience and knowledge caught up with my desire, and I was off and running.

I recommend The Dip by Seth Godin for some valuable insight into this topic. - by Skip Anderson
Share we me a story about you or a colleague who got off to a rough start in Sales and how that period was overcome.
I guess it all boils down to attitude friend... if you go into your sales job looking down the the ground, you'll never take the opportunities offered to you with the best of your ability.

There are two types of people in the world:- Masters and Victims.

Masters take control of the situation. They may not be able to control it, but they notice there is a problem and look to fix it and admit the problem is within themselves.

Victims blame other factors, the market place, the offer, the company... never taking full responsibility.

I guess you need to ask which one are you? Hopefully by now things are better... sales is tough but you need to forget about the past. Treat every day new to be ready for everything.

Be a chameleon, adapt to your environment shds; - by MrCharisma
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