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Elwood Blues and the ricochet biscuit

Hello relationship builders

I don't know if you'll agree but often the answers to our most pressing sales obsticles turn up in unusual places and even more interesting is the that the best answers often fit many different questions.

I'll let you figure out your own question to this answer.

This answer, this insight, this nugget of enlightenment can be found in that most glorious musical homage THE BLUES BROTHERS

Elwood Blues (dan akcroid) is on stage with his brother Jake.

Elwood speaks out to the audience...

" the other day, I did have, a ricochet buscuit! Oh Yeah! Yeah!
Now a richocet biscuit is that kind, that particular brand of biscuit that's suposed to bounce off the wall back into your mouth..."

"People.... If it dont bounce back YOU WILL GO HUNGRY !!!! .... "

The Lesson?
Make sure your biscuits always bounce back. - by David Bowen
"People.... If it dont bounce back YOU WILL GO HUNGRY !!!! .... "
I can support that! ;) - by Houston
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