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Sizzle Cards

What is a "Sizzle Card"? :confused: - by Newbie
If I'm not mistaken those are the little promo cards you see taped up at gas stations, placed on your windshield, etc.

Most of these that I have seen were on the subject of "Make more money." - by Jackie
Sizzle cards are small and handy business cards in which you put some “teaser” information about your Network / MLM programs on them in order to entice the prospect in calling or viewing your website for more information. Sizzle cards generally do not contain much specific information, but are used to grab the prospect’s attention and make them feel the urge to want more information about your company. This is a proven system which works for many MLM and Network companies, but could also be implemented into various other markets.

You should use sizzle cards to promote your business opportunities because there are still many people who do not regularly view websites online or read newspaper advertisements and will generally be interested in what you are offering.

Sizzle cards are also very effective due to the small size in which people can place them in their purses and wallets for viewing later on. Also, the sizzle cards are more effective than traditional forms of advertising that you might see on your way to work and then forget about once you finally get there. Sizzle cards also bring in a “ripple effect” when leaving them in different businesses and you will reap the benefits of them for months to come. - by Community Mailbox
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