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Presentation or Pitch?

Do you say presentation or pitch? - by Thomas
Professionals refer to what they give as presentations.

If I were in the market to purchase anything (home, auto, biz equipment etc...) I'd much rather a person give me a quality and polished presentation of "themselves" and their product rather than... do I dare say it?

a pitch thmbdn2; - by bluenote
Just want to add that as a salesperson, I have so much respect for other salespeople who present themselves professionally, with great ethics and enthusiasm in their "Presentations" that when this is the case, I'm an absolute LAY DOWN!

I'm certain my clients feel exactly the same with me. - by bluenote
Do you say presentation or pitch?
When I hear pitch I think "quick overview" like an elevator pitch.

When I hear presentation I think "demonstrate capabilities" like a sales presentation.

I wouldn't call my presentation a pitch or vice versa. - by AZBroker
Thank you for the responses. I'm going to stick with 'presentation'. hpy3; - by Thomas
Do you say presentation or pitch?
In my case, neither. I do what doctors do, and they don't have commitment or price problems. I do diagnosis.

I ask deep questions to quantify the magnitude of the problem, so when I cite my fee in the shadow of the cost, it's merely loose change.

If the prospect has a recurring annual $1 million problem, and I solve it for a one-time fee of $500,000, I'm a winner. This is a 6-month payback. Clients usually accept up to one-year payback on their investments. A recent client of mine solved a server problem for $13,000. It took her just over 4 hours. And her client, knowing the magnitude of the problem she was solving, was jumping with joy.

You can PM me,and I can send you some audio on this diagnosis stuff. Or search for some of Jeff Thull's materials on the web. - by Bald Dog
Pitch - throw an idea out and see who likes it.

Presentation - providing a prospect with more in-depth information about a predetermined aspect of a solution. - by Houston
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