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Direct Mail Tips

I am a firm believer in Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns. In fact, my business, income and existence thrives on it.

I haven't been around as long as some of you 30, 40 or 50 yr. sales people have; I've been selling now for 17 yrs.

However, I have learned quite a few things in my time. I have my direct mailing down to such a science that I am extremely proud to say I have hit an all time high 3.5% return with my last mailing. This is not a national avg., just a select few states. My total national return last week was 2.2% which is also an all time high for me.

These are genuine, in my hands, creme de la creme HOT leads

Of those hot leads, I average a 35-40% closing ratio AND get 1-3 referrals per client. - by bluenote
Impressive! cl2;

What advice do you have for someone just starting out with direct mail? - by SpeedRacer
The article I posted covers most everything one would need to know for a direct mail. Especially someone just starting out. Other important tips have been discussed on these boards at length such as a live 1st class stamp, different style and sized envelopes etc...

I don't candy coat my offer or what I do. I use a standard, windowed #10 envelope with a live 1st class stamp. My offer is personalized to the individual, presented professionally and directly to the point.

One thing I will add... is to be cautious with who you buy your lists from. While it's true there are x amount of businesses and x amount of residential listings available, there are more factors to take into consideration- how often the lists are updated is definitely one of them... also a huge determining factor on your return.

One thing I've learned from that article is the example of a statistically better return by mailing 1000 people 3x rather 3000 people 1x. Very interesting! My return cycle is approx. 6 weeks. (90% back within the first 2 weeks). I will be testing the waters with this next month.

It's a financial risk for me as I mail out far more than 1000 at a clip but I feel it's a risk worth taking.

Besides, who has ever succeeded without risk? ;co - by bluenote
....One thing I've learned from that article is the example of a statistically better return by mailing 1000 people 3x rather 3000 people 1x. Very interesting!....

So you mail to the same people, 3x then?

Thx - by MaxReferrals
Although this technique is statistically proven to yield a better return, I haven't tested it out.

I have since changed my marketing game plan and hired an outside telemarketing company to cold call prospects for my lead generation.

This is approx. 1/3 of the cost of what my direct mail was and has been producing nearly 8x the return! - by bluenote
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