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Who should be included in your sphere of influence?

Ideally who should be considered part of your sphere of influence? What are the boundaries? - by Slick
If you have influence with someone they would be included in your sphere of influence. That could be anybody... a babysitter, friend, relative, co-worker, mailman, bartender, and so on. - by Marcus
What are the boundaries?
I have thought about this before. I do not think you should include everyone you know into your active network. You only have so many hours in each work day and maintaining low productivity relationships does not look like the highest and best use of your time. - by Seth
From a business perspective (which is probably
the vantage point you are asking) it should
be those individuals who can place you in touch
with others that will fit your ICP - "Ideal Client Profile." - by MaxReferrals
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