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Jus need some advise here

Hi everyone.

we are a small manufacturing company that provided a special formulated detergent to household, commercial and industrial cleaning purposes. The product is very effective that removes oil or grease, dirts and stain within 2 minutes (test result on range-hood filters) as well as lifting up stubborn and aged oil/grease/dirt & stain from different surfaces.

My boss is looking forward to expand the business into medium size business for coming months. I jus wondering what kind of promotion shall i go ahead since the product only newly launched and we have limited resources to deploy (including human resources)

Your advice would benefit us most! thanks

John - by jiapien
What so far or do you forsee being your biggest objection to your target market?

If it is price offer a two for one deal, to start off. Or a trial size. I got a trial size of 303 cleaner for my boat and although it is at least twice as expensive as any other product I have seen it works twice as well so I pay the expense.

If customers question effectiveness of your product then offer a money back guarantee.

Also don't forget your testimonials.

One other idea is a contest to find the tougest stain removed by your product. This can help the company sell more product down the road. - by Jorel
Do you sell to the end user? - by Calvin
First of all, thanks for your advise.sn;

I do not know whether domestic users are end-terminal user or not. We started the business by selling the product in local markets and the feedbacks was awesome. alot of customers keep coming back for more and always refer another customers to try our products.

Majority of our sales still come from domestic users. we have some commercial customers that sometimes refer other shopowners (mainly fish n chips shop or restraunt)to try our products; the feedback was great, thats why my boss is very aggressive at the moment.

Do you think cold calling is better at this stage to open our market to industrial and commercial users as well as resellers? or jus knock on their door or doing the traditional promotion?

John - by jiapien
The effectiveness of our products is 200% Guaranteed. It is accroding to our feedbacks and the quality, reliability, efficiency and utility scale of the product.

The product is not similiar to any conventional products in the market at the moment. It could use to clean almost everything (include clothings) that do not contain Costic Soda, Ammonia, Chlorine and Fumes. In short means, safe and do not work like bleach that damage the matter or fabric of the item being washed.

Biggest Objection? I'm not quite too sure about what you are trying to ask here. If it for the product, it is fine.The product sell itself and i havent heard back from any of the customers yet. 99.9% of our customers came back for more and brought back more customers or buy for their friends n families. There were some customers that complainted the products didnt work. But majority of them didn't follow the instruction, and we convinced them to follow the instruction and they are happy again.

If it for the business, i think the major objection or disadvantage for us now is the lack of business system, resources deployment and networking.

John shds; - by jiapien
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