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B2B Cold Calling Requires License In Certain Areas?

While browsing the net today I came across a video on YouTube with this guy marketing a book he has written.

One of his claims, which I have never heard of, is that in Phoenix, AZ it is against the law to cold call Businesses without a license to do so.

Anyone know if there's any truth to this... if there are other states/cities with this requirement... and if so, where I can get further info on these areas and license requirements? - by bluenote
I want to add that the FTC's do not call website information has not changed. It specifically states that all business to business calls are exempt from the do not call list laws. - by bluenote
Geeeez.. mention the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and everyone runs for the hills.

Anyone know what gives on this issue? - by bluenote
Here is the rule BlueNote: http://www.azsos.gov/business_services/TS/Overview.htm - by AZBroker
Thanks for your reply and link AZB.

These rules pertain to telemarketers "in" Arizona. - by bluenote
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