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Door Knocking

Does anyone here cold call by "Door Knocking?" - by Newbie
I haven't door knocked as part of a campaign for quiet a while but every now and then, if the situation presents itself, I will get out of my car and knock on a door or two. - by SalesGuy
IMO, "Door Knocking" has its place. For instance, in Real Estate when all of the other agents are hammering the FSBO's via telephone. - by SalesCoach
"Door Knocking" is part of my prospecting plan.

Basically, I go around town looking to establish relationships with business managers in my field. It's not that bad really. - by MagicMan
I occassionaly "Door Knock" or "Cold Call." Hey, if I'm in the area with a little time on my hands why not? - by Jolly Roger
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