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What do you think?

I work off a list of random names and numbers to try and book appointments for our sales team to drum up new business.

Yes, I understand it is a numbers game, although recently I have been trying to rack my brains out as to how I can target certain business to get more leads.

Perhaps if I can target a internet site where people are looking for telecommunication needs.....

Does such a place exist? or should I just set up my own website???

Could that work??? Not sure.....Just thinking outside the box.

Bottom line is I need to get more telco. referrals for my sale consultants...not meeting my targets.....thmbdn2;

COLD CALLING is not an easy job......

"It's normal to be regected every 10 calls?" - by I make appointments
COLD CALLING is not an easy job......
Very true...it's not very glamorus either.msnwnk;

But no other source will ever be as dependable at lead generation as a good cold-call telemarketing department.

There are no better ways or shortcuts, keep running the numbers and learning from every call. My good telemarketers would have to run about 60 calls an hour (predictive dialing) in order to generate one good lead...that might make you feel a little better about your current numbers game. - by tinman
I work off a list of random names and numbers to try and book appointments for our sales team to drum up new business.
Any reason why you wouldn't work from a targeted list instead of random names and numbers? - by Houston
I agree with you.

I would much rahter work from a list that the product I am trying to impede on the customers mind is effective due to the targeted demographic of my clients.

Why wouldn't you (I make Appointments)? - by Ray47
rather then work off a random list of names and numbers - I would think it better to work from a targeted demographic in order to be more productive.

All the best. - by Snowboy
Do you think the script is working?

It could be part of the problem.

Susan - by susana
Over the years I've gotten better at what I do when I make cold calls on the telephone, but it's still a whole lot of work.

I estimate that it takes me 100 call attempts to get to talk to 3 people, and out of those 3 people I will usually get 1 appointment.

From a list I can make 50 calls an hour.

From my perspective it should be an easy job once you learn to work through the frustration and get some skilled instruction to help you along.

I guess that I'd suggest you forget about the quotas and demands of management. As you get better over time your ability to meet those requirements should take care of itself.

In sales we always have someone standing over us wanting more, so that's just a part of life. I hope they're paying you well for this experience.

For example, here is what I say when I'm telephone prospecting should someone pick up the phone:

Hello, "My name is Chuck and I help business grow by using advertising specialties."

"Do you have a minute to talk on the phone?"

(Assuming a positive reply)

"May I ask you some questions?"

"Off the top of your head, who, besides yourself buys advertising specialties at your company?"

At this point I'm really more interested to find out if he/she will openly provide the additional information.

There are several others who post on this forum who have either written books about or are successful using the telephone so I suggest that you have come to the right place for assistance.

Best of luck to you.

Chuck - by Sales Pro 1000
Is it normal to get rejected???

I think it is a matter of perspective.

When you ask a question and get a response... you have NOT been rejected. Though... the response you get may not be the one you hoped for.

As an Appointment Setter... you also wear the hat of Survey Taker.

Think about it... when you call people at random... you know very little about them, and they know very little about you. So what do you do? You announce who you are and give some basic information about who you work for and what you are doing. THEN, you ask a question.

You do surveys to find people who qualify to become Customers. (Keep in mind... not everyone qualifies to become a customer to your company.)

You sift through the masses to find people who qualify to become a customer to your employer. And upon finding them, you then switch hats from Survey Taker to Appointment Setter and schedule a time for your Sales Rep to visit with them.

How many calls must you make before you find someone who qualifies to become a customer? That number will vary from day-to-day.

My advice is to simply focus on doing the things that YOU do and allow the prospective customers to do what they do.

Keep some statistics.

How many calls did you make during the day?

How many people did you speak with?

How many people were interested in having what your company offers?

How many people were not interested in your company's product/service?

How many appointments did you set?

By keeping statistics, you will notice feelings of accomplishment.

The feelings of accomplishment will help get you through the day and to the next call. And will ultimately lead to the next scheduled appointment. - by DavidColyer
My advice is to simply focus on doing the things that YOU do and allow the prospective customers to do what they do.
Sound advice David. ;co - by Jolly Roger
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