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Ability to maintain a winning attitude

Our ability to maintain a winning attitude will become one of our biggest assets. Many people can perform well when everything is going well. However, the real high achievers can maintain a positive, “can do” attitude even when under intense pressure.

The key elements to building a good attitude are:
  • Operating from a position of high intent
  • The ability to see the positive in a challenging situation
  • The ability to act appropriately in a challenging situation
  • A clear understanding of your game plan and operating platform
  • Your ability to focus on what you want most
  • Self discipline
  • Self confidence
  • The ability to think big and keep your feet on the ground
  • Self assurance, and the ability to handle rejection and challenges
  • Willingness to continually develop yourself and your skills
  • Working with passion
Please add your thoughts to this list.

Happy selling,

Tony - by Tony Dunne
I agree with what you have posted here -
My additions would be to have a goal. Sometimes building on a common goal will help to stay with a winning attitude in order to achieve the desired outcome. msnwnk;

Surround yourself with possitive thoughts, people and things. I make an effort not to listen to the news or read the newspaper before going to see a client. This way I don't need to see or hear the terrible things happening around the world. They don't me sell or better my life in any way. :dun

Realising that when you fall short it isn't the end of the world and it gives you eng=ough drive to get back off your feet and continue running. If a rugby player only wanted to score a try until he got tackled then he would never get over the line - this is IMO.

Cheersthmbp2; - by Snowboy
The key elements to building a good attitude are:
  • Operating from a position of high intent
What does "high intent" mean Snowman? - by Houston
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