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First month went ok, now the second month

Suppose that you agree to provide consulting service and work on some project. You and you client agree that you give it a try for a month. The first month went ok and got paid. Meanwhile, you and you client are still working on the same project, but no formal agreement is made yet. Now what? How do you approach your client to get formal approval for your continuing work? - by ohcnetwork

I'd just write up a letter of agreement that describes the project, the specific tasks you are/will be performing to complete the project (including the deliverables or outcome), and the associated fee and payment terms. You sign it like a regular letter, then under your signature, put

Agreed to:

with a line for your client's signature and the date.

In terms of the approach? Having an agreement is just good business. I would have had an agreement for the original "test" period. So, I'd just give the client the letter and say that "Since the project is continuing, I put together a letter of agreement to help both of us keep track of our work together" or something like that.

I am not an attorney, and this is not legal advice. You may want to consult an attorney for advice on this issue. I've found that if I manage the project correctly, a letter of agreement is all I need, but an attorney may have other advice.

Hope this helps.

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
Ok, here's a question. Suppose that I get approval by email. Is email approval considered as a formal approval/agreement? - by ohcnetwork

You can consider anything formal. All these things do is make sure you are communicating with your client. If you want to know what types of agreements are legally binding, you need to consult an attorney. - by KSA-Mktg
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