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Understand your value...

If your sales process has real value to the customer then you have more confidence and energy in your approach.

Q: How do we add real value to the prospect?
A: By conducting a valuable diagnosis of their business / situation.

A well respected point of view that offers some insights into fixing problems in the prospects business that they already know they have but often don’t know how, or don’t have the time to fix is of real value to any business owner or manager. Your diagnosis has to be industry savvy and not focused on your products. The diagnosis should uncover the problems and get the prospect ready for your solution.

If you get them to see the cost of their problems then to large degree the cost of the solution is a secondary consideration. - by Tony Dunne
Hello Tony,
Well said - I am currently in Broadcasting and I face this daily. By showing my clients my pint of view in a industrial savvy manner I achieve the most out of them due to their problems being faced with the soution I hand them.

One thing I try to do is hand the client the solution indirectly and make them feel as though they have come up with the decision - by doing this I find it cements in the clients mind the decision is a good one and they made it themselve.

Great post Tony,
Keith - by Snowboy
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