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Marketing 101 Question

I've noticed that a lot of people/companies use their cars as advertisements. I've seen everything from car/truck wraps to custom paint jobs down to magnetic door signs and license plate holders.

Isn't the majority of this a waste? I mean sure it's possible that the guy behind you at the traffic stop is looking for a plumber but what are the odds?

Ok, I'll open the line for comments. :) - by Vince

The average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year according to the American Trucking Association. So, if you're on the road even a fraction of the time, think how many visual impressions your advertising will receive. If you figure out the cost per impression, it is a very economical way to advertise!

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
Low cost per impression yes but how effective is that form of advertising? Also, I'm referring to personal automobiles versus commercial vans, tractor-trailers, etc. - by Vince

Of course, you wouldn't be seen as often as a delivery truck. And, it is advertising, so there may not be a direct correlation to sales. But, if you are seen often enough, it will make an impression in people's minds.

Then, when people need a plumber and look in the phone book, they might choose to call you because your name is familiar.

I had advertising on a vehicle. One time, someone chased me away from a traffic light. Scared me to death. Turned out, all they wanted was to know exactly where to find my business. So, I think people do notice. The amount of time you'll know whether you get a lead from it is probably low. Even if you ask, the person would probably say the phone book, since that was the place they looked to get your phone number.

I wouldn't expect too many people chasing you down the street!

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
Would you suggest this method of advertising be included in a salespersons marketing plan? - by Vince

I think it depends on the business you are in, and how you feel about your personal vehicle. Magnetic signs are sometimes a good approach for a personal vehicle because you can take them on and off. Personally, I wouldn't want advertising on my car unless I were working.

I don't think it would be as effective if you spent most of your time at your office. But, if you spend most of your time at appointments at client locations, your car would be seen to/from various office or home locations where the car would be seen by others who are potential prospects.

I think it's also most effective when there is another easy way for people to find your contact info - like the yellow pages. I agree that few people are going to write down a phone number in the middle of traffic. But, if your business is one where people usually seek you out when they need you, the recognition factor helps.

Hope this response helps you!

Kathleen - by KSA-Mktg
When I think of general automobile advertising two ideas spring to mind; novelty and reinforcement.

If your automobile advertising is novel enough (think neon pink Hummer) then it will draw attention to your message. If it's novel enough it might even generate a buzz.

Additionally, when the viewer recognizes your advertising it can serve to reinforce the association between your company and the product/service.

I hope that helps. :) - by Houston
Also, I'd consider whether or not the vehicle is going to be around your target audience a lot. If yes, then it may be a viable part of a marketing plan. If not, maybe a waste of money. - by Bobette Kyle
Also, I'd consider whether or not the vehicle is going to be around your target audience a lot.
To me, that's the kicker. For instance, if a real estate agent is always seen in a certain community this will have an impact.

IMO, visibility is key to automobile advertising. You want to be noticed. A "wrap" packs a lot more punch than the typical magnetic door sign. ;) - by AZBroker
Years ago I had magnetic signs on both sides of my Chevy. We took a ride up into Ontario to a park called African Lion Safari. It's one of those places where you drive through sections where wild animals roam. Anyway, three baboons spotted my signs and ripped them loose and started playing catch with them--like pickle in the middle. I got all upset and rolled my window down a few inches and started yelling at them and blowing my horn--as if that would help. So the one baboon grabbed a sign and jumped up on the hood of my car, held the sign up, and started grinning at me through the windshield with all his teeth. By that time, one of the attendant rangers saw what was happening and rescued my signs. I wasn't about to get out of the car and mess with them--even if was allowed. I mean, maybe if there was one of them--but I'm not messing with three baboons.

Although I have met with commitees--come to think about it.

Anyway, I can't think of magnetic signs without recalling that. But--I would heartily recommend their use as an effective marketing tool for a lot of businesses. - by Gary Boye
Yea, Gary, the baboons in committees are usually not physically abusive, anyway.:cool: - by KSA-Mktg
So the one baboon grabbed a sign and jumped up on the hood of my car, held the sign up, and started grinning at me through the windshield with all his teeth.
"What sign, this sign?" :p - by Mikey
"What sign, this sign?" :p
Yes--exactly like that--except in baboonese! - by Gary Boye
Yes--exactly like that--except in baboonese!
That is hilarious. Where's a camcorder when you need one? :D - by Liberty
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