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Qualifying an employer using HPP

Some of you here are familiar with the High Probability Prospecting (HPP) and Sales techniques and how brutally effective they are.

I had very strange thing happen to me this morning and decided to test this technique out for myself with a company I applied to a while back.

Here's the story:

Two years ago I was sending out a brief bio of mine to sales organizations looking to make a move to a different company. After a couple of months of not hearing back from companies I would have liked to have heard from and getting offers from companies that I wasn't willing to take up on their offer, I decided to put together the capital I had to work with at the time and founded my own company. Things are going very well now and I'm very pleased with the growth I've had.

Obviously I'm not looking for employment but here's the reason I'm writing this...

As odd as it was, I got an email this morning from a company I sent my bio to and never heard back from. This is 2 years later! It was very informal and they said the sales position I was applying for at the time had been filled. However, they kept my info and wanted me to email them my resume for further review and consideration.

Are they kidding me? 2 years later? LOL

I remembered reading some HP advice on how to handle the request for sending your resume so I did a search and found it.

For my own amusement, I copied it almost word for word and emailed them back to see how using this HP technique works towards employers and to see how they would reply.

Here's what I wrote:


A resume is nothing more than a written description of what the candidate thinks will get him or her an interview. It certainly does not represent who you really are. No matter what you write, it is highly unlikely that you will fit the employer's picture of the ideal salesperson. The primary use of a resume, by an employer, is to disqualify potential candidates.

I'm a salesman; I close deals. I increase a company's bottom line while producing myself an outstanding income.

I don't put my resume in the mail nor do I send it via email. I bring it with me if you want to meet.

Do you want to meet?



Within the hour, here was his reply:


In your case I'm using a resume to qualify you as a candidate. I could have easily disqualified you based on your initial correspondence. In my 30 years in this industry, this is the first time I have encountered the tenacity you have demonstrated from someone seeking a position with our company. I am, however, interested in meeting with you to discuss the sales positions that are currently available. You can reach me at xxx-xxxx to schedule an in person meeting.



I did this for entirely for kicks and giggles...

The bottom line here is- I used the HP technique; I ran the show and got in the door. Pretty damn cool how well that worked! - by bluenote
The bottom line here is- I used the HP technique; I ran the show and got in the door. Pretty damn cool how well that worked!
That is pretty cool. Great testimonial for HPP. thmbp2; - by Houston
Jacques, what do you do exactly?:dun
I am the president of High Probability Selling, Inc., a sales training and sale consulting company with offices in the USA, Japan and Germany.

We have trained salespeople and sales managers for companies of all sizes, in over 70 different industries. We have also trained thousands of individuals in our "open enrollment" workshops.

Most of our training is conducted via teleconference calls. A senior trainer leads them and each class is limited to a maximum of 10 students.

Although we have quite a few certified High Probability Selling trainers, I recently started to do some of the training again. For me, it is the most fun part of our business. - by JacquesWerth
Well done Jacques, Congratulations - That would explain the good posts - by Snowboy
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