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Target Audience for a Campaign.

The target audience for the campaign will usually be identified by the client and/or come out of campaign objectives. The client’s target audience does not necessarily have to be the same for every campaign conducted.
The target audience can vary depending on the product or service being offered or the particular offer being made. For example, an insurance company could have one campaign targeting retirees, another targeting young marrieds and another targeting school leavers. McDonalds could be targeting working people at breakfast Monday to Friday, young people at night and families at weekends.
If the campaign performance is to be measured against the response of the target audience it is imperative that your station or program selection actually delivers the desired target audience in sufficient numbers for the campaign to be successful.
- by Salecanon
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Target audience is also typically larger than the target market. The audience includes the end user, who makes the purchase, and who influences the purchasing decision. For example, McDonald's target market is adults; its audience includes children.

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Nice article Salecanon you described Target Audience for a Campaign a little about Choosing the Audience to Target:

Segmenting a general audience into more specific segments and obtaining information about these is useful in determining which audience segment to target for a specific campaign. The most important factor in determining the target audience is the potential for the audience to adopt the behavior that will be promoted by the campaign.
Other factors that may influence the decision of which segment to select as the target audience could include:
  • Broad government policies prioritizing programs for particular sectors of society.
  • Ease of reaching the audience.
  • Potential for that audience to influence other audiences with a trickle-down effect.
- by Team Building FL
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