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Need Help to develop a good training manual

Hello to everyone and thanks in advance for your support. I will like to request a litle help in developing or guidence to create a good and direct sales training manual for Customer Sercive agents.specially dedicated to promoting sales via telephone for online pharmacy. Thanksthmbp2; - by skillnizzle

It's great that your putting a manual together. I have written quite a few books myself on automotive sales training.

If you've already started writing great. If not, then start by listing few points you want to talk about. From those key points, start listing sub-points of those same topics.

The idea is to write everyday. At first, it will feel like this will never finish. But once you have written a few pages, it should build momentum to keep you motivated.

Then find a book layout company. Most layout company will refer you to a good editor. It's easy to find these company. A google search should find these companies. Just make sure you get a good editor. This is very important.

Hope this helps. And the best advice I can give you is stay determined as you'll face many hurdles along the way. When facing problems along the way, the key is to refuse to fail.

Your automotive sales mentor,
Mak - by TheTrainer
This is more theoritcal than technical, but it might help.

Start by benchmarking top performers. Figure out what they are doing, what expertise they have and what traits they have in common. Write the manual with the greenest salesperson in mind, and attempt to get them to benchmarked level by the end of the book. It certainly won't work that way, as many of the best traits in sales are difficult to learn, but I think it's the right approach.

By simply figuring out what it takes to be great in this field, the book will write itself.

A few other notes. I tend to write best when I start with a table of contents. One chapter may become two, and some may get scratched all together. Write your overview first, but don't write the opening and closing chapters until the middle is done. This will allow you to tie all of your thoughts and ideas together without several re-writes.

Also, if you are looking for layout designers or editors, send me a PM and I will give you a few names.

Justyn - by Justyn
I forgot to mention - it's also important to determine the tone of your writing. A good editor will fix any flaws in your delivery, but try to write in a style that closely resembles other books that you find to be engaging and effective. - by Justyn
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