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Thank You Notes Are "magic"

Thank you notes are a seldom used, but powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Their benefits are huge. And your paid customers ARE NOT where the maximum power of these little pieces of marketing dynamite should be used.

A handwritten thank you note to all your paid customers after the transaction is complete is should be standard operating procedure. A professional never stops sending his customers thank you notes.

These little notes are powerful relationship-builders. When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you note from anyone you ever purchased any product or service from? No matter what your product or service always send your customers thank you notes and stay in touch with them…forever!

These thank you notes can also build your future business...

Every time you meet new people and collect a business card at a networking function, a business meeting, a training session, a sporting event, a dinner, a party, on an airplane, or anywhere else, these people should receive a thank you note from you. This note should be in your longhand writing. This makes it much more personal. This little thank you note causes the receiver to remember you. And it opens up doors for you to explore a business relationship with this person.

When is the last time you met someone at a chamber of commerce networking function and they ended up sending you a thank you note? Never, right?

I meet people at these functions on a regular basis, speak with them for a few minutes and get one of their business cards, and move on to meet more people. On the back of these business cards I make notes about each contact that I can use to follow up with a personalized thank you note.

The majority of these conversations at these meetings are short. We talk about where we work and what we do for a living. Since I market and sell floor coverings for a living I make sure I pay attention to people I meet who are related to my business. When I meet builders, property managers, realtors, landlords, commercial building owners, and other people who may have a need for flooring products and services I pay special attention to them. You can adapt this networking model to any business you work in with a little brainstorming.

I send these people a handwritten thank you note a few days later by mail. I also use email for my thank you notes, but I like the personal effect a handwritten note conveys. I remind them where I met them, what I do for a living, thank them for taking the time to speak with me, and ask if they would like to meet for lunch in the next week or two, my treat.

This usually always results in us setting a date and time to meet for this lunch. We all like free lunches. My purpose is to make a new business friend and build a long-lasting relationship with someone who may need my products and services in the future based on their profession.

Networking with thank you notes is not about making a sale tomorrow or next week. It's about building business relationships that bear fruit in the future…large, delicious fruit.

This meeting offers me a chance to learn how I can create new customers for this new friend through my own contacts. If I can send this new ‘partner’ more business, based on my referrals to my contacts that may need their services, I will have a business partner for life. Even if this new business friend never buys from me they will refer their personal and professional contacts to me when they speak with someone who needs my products and services because I send business to them. We form a win-win personal business relationship.

When you network this way you should attend every business function you can fit into your schedule to start. Every contact you make and professionally follow up with, you have the opportunity to develop another personal business relationship. The more personal business relationships you develop the more money you will put in your pocket in the near future.

You are building your business. There will come a time when you are so busy you will no longer need to attend these business functions, but they are an excellent way to build your future business...Coach Doug

Your comments, please...

My next post will address the marketing power you can create by developing your own personal business newsletter... - by Dougd55
Hi Doug,
I completely agree with you. I am big on Referal and I feel that the thank you note takes hardly any time and is a great source of referal and it WORKS.

Great post. Look forward to your others.

Gunner - by Gunner
Thank you for the great tip Doug. What other options do you recommend besides the lunch invitation? - by Calvin
Hi Calvin: I have tried to get potential business partners to come into my store, or offer to go to their place of business, but this hasn't produced much in the way of results for me. We lead such busy, complex lives today it's hard to 'pin' someone down for even a short time to discuss business.

But when it comes to a 'paid' lunch, people seem to make time for me. In this short hour period we can find out about each other, discuss our businesses and talk about ways we can help each other, and even discover some personal things we may have in common. It may cost me $20-$30 for this lunch, but the rewards have been huge for me.

In addition to building a personal business partner, I have developed some really great personal friendships from this technique. When you have lunch with someone they tend to show their true self more because you've moved them from the business arena to the social zone.

I continue to use these lunches with great success in my other businesses also... - by Dougd55
Thank you for the reminder Doug. I imagine many other are like me - I go on a "Thank You Note" bender, and then stop sending them until I am reminded. So Thank You. It's on my outlook calendar for tomorrow!

Justyn - by Justyn
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