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Thank You Notes Are "magic"

Thank you notes are a seldom used, but powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Their benefits are huge. And your paid customers ARE NOT where the maximum power of these little pieces of marketing dynamite should be used.

A handwritten thank you note to all your paid customers after the transaction is complete is should be standard operating procedure. A professional never stops sending his customers thank you notes.

These little notes are powerful relationship-builders. When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you note from anyone you ever purchased any product or service from? No matter what your product or service always send your customers thank you notes and stay in touch with them…forever!

These thank you notes can also build your future business...

Every time you meet new people and collect a business card at a networking function, a business meeting, a training session, a sporting event, a dinner, a party, on an airplane, or anywhere else, these people should receive a thank you note from you. This note should be in your longhand writing. This makes it much more personal. This little thank you note causes the receiver to remember you. And it opens up doors for you to explore a business relationship with this person.

When is the last time you met someone at a chamber of commerce networking function and they ended up sending you a thank you note? Never, right?

I meet people at these functions on a regular basis, speak with them for a few minutes and get