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Create Your Career 'Vision'...& Prosper

Vision is a learned skill which allows you to 'see,' and 'feel,' where you want to be in your career in weeks, months, and years into the future. Most people do not utilize the power of this technique because they do not know about it or how to use it, or they are closed-minded and will never experience its power.

Successful business people have vision. They can clearly picture in their mind, with great detail and emotion, where they want to be in their future and you can learn to do the same.

This involves creating a vivid, detailed, full-color, emotional, picture of the work life you want and all the rewards you want to enjoy. You begin by writing down on paper exactly what you want to be doing and earning next month, in six months, a year, and 5 years. You must make this very detailed, emotional, and descriptive. You find pictures of things you want to own from your efforts at your work and you cut them out and paste them where you can see them each and every day. These pictures are your 'vision board.' They are your goals. They are the rewards you receive from your work.

You think about them constantly. You look at them every chance you get. You imagine in your mind that you already possess these things and feel the actual emotion you get from owning them. You imagine you already have them and emotionally experience how it feels. This is very, very important. You imagine how it feels to be a super-salesperson. When you do this you are ingraining these desires into your sub-conscious mind and the power of your sub-conscious will begin to direct you to the people and places and actions you need to make these things happen.

The sub-conscious is powerful and do not discount this practice if you truly want to become successful in your work. It may sound too simple and goofy to you, but believe me, it has been proven to work for generations. My 'visions' are responsible for countless successes in my life, both in business and my personal life.

Successful and famous people have used this practice to tap into the incredible power of the sub-conscious. And you can do the exact same thing in your life. It doesn't matter if you only made it to the eighth-grade or you earned a PHD. You are tapping into the incredible power of your sub-conscious and when you do this you cannot help but bring success into your life no matter who you are or what you do for a living. Did you know that over 50% of all millionaire's in the U.S. never went to college?

You MUST create a 'vision' of how you want to be living due to your work and what goals you want to accomplish at specific time periods in the future. It must be vividly detailed and emotional. You MUST have written plans with timed goals and pictures of the things you want that get you 'fired up.' You must 'feel' your success. When you attach emotion, sounds, smells, and desire to your 'vision' you create a powerful 'natural force' the sub-conscious mind recognizes to move you toward acquiring these things.

When you bombard your sub-conscious mind with these thoughts, and emotions, of your 'vision' it must direct its incredible power to make them happen. It has no choice.

And by incorporating this 'vision' concept into your work life and practicing it each and every day, your results at work will change very quickly. Within a few weeks and months you will recognize the changes. You'll 'see' them and 'feel' them. Opportunities you previously never recognized will begin to appear to you. Your sales will increase. You enjoyment of your work will increase.

When you learn to 'shift' your thinking by working on your 'vision' daily, you will be suprised at what happens in your work life. Your attitude toward your job changes. When your thoughts change your actions also change, and you begin to do the things that move you toward living up to your true potential in your work.

Having a detailed 'vision' is simply a tool to help you break the mental chains that have held you back from your full success potential in your work. You notice things you never noticed before. You look at your work differently. You're much more relaxed and confident. You become more "aware" of everything involved in your business.

When you create your detailed, emotional vision for your career future you create a very powerful sense of hope that lifts your spirit and inspires you. And each day you take the time to concentrate on your 'vision' moves you closer to actually attaining those things in your life you want from your work. What you think about is what you get. The more you think about it the faster you get it.

Your earnings in a sales career are based on your production. And when you have the right mindset, con