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Where to find Marketing Jobs?


Why do people come up with same problem?? “We are not getting the right job, good place to work” and all such repetitive questions every time??

Do they not know how to surf net that has so many new job opportunities and job boards launching each day?? The need is to open up two eyes and one mind to see the new things.

Recently my friend came to me… he wanted to enter into the marketing industry. His only question – HOW??

I need your help for answering his “HOW??” If you came across some good marketing-career-sites then let me know. - by sheena234
Hello Sheena: The first thing anyone needs to do to enter the marketing field is to find out what they are passionate about. You must find, or create, a product/service you have a passion for or your heart will not be in your work.

Marketing is simply identifying people who are interested in your product/service, and bringing them to you to learn about it. Then you must sell these prospects on your product/service.

Start out by identifying what you are passionate about. What are your hobbies, interests, and causes you believe in? Find products/services that relate to that passion. When you work at what you are passionate about you don't really work at a job, you create a life for yourself. It never seems like work when it's your passion.

Use the power of the Internet to investigate subjects you are passionate about. Research websites related to these passions. See what they offer. Take note of how they are operating. Don't just look at what's on the website, look at it as if you had built it. Is everything on the site what you would have done, or would you have done it differently and offered more?

Find a niche that they aren't covering. Create your own sub-niche. Make sure other people are interested in your passions also. If there are many websites related to your passions it is a good bet that there is a large market for you to find a niche for yourself and build a business, either offline or online.

There is much more involved Sheena, but this is a start to get you headed in the right direction... - by Dougd55

If the question is about the mechanics of getting into marketing or if they are looking for companies looking to hire in the marketing area, go to another website called MarketingProfs. Just like this is a site for salespeople and sales managers, MarketingProfs is a huge site with a very active forum for people in marketing. This question of "how" is raised there often and the mechanics of how to break into a marketing job is addressed by folks who are in that field. Most of the people on that site work for or own small marketing, advertising and public relations companies, but there are also marketing folks from the marketing department of companies of all sizes. They also have a job post for marketing jobs on the site. - by pmccord
Seth Godin (easy to find on Google), is easily the most brilliant mind in marketing. This doesn't answer the "where to find jobs" question, but will certainly give a look into the profession and some terribly good insight. His blog should be on every sales/marketing professionals daily-read list.

Justyn - by Justyn
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