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Get out What you put in!

Hello All,
Sales is a diverse industry and sometime we can spend to much time doing some cost effective but no result task. Although a lot of people can say I have sold in ______Field I can sell in _____ Field.

In my experience the outcomes of what works in some industries is ompletly different in others.

For instance if you spend countless hours networking at events that don't yield results, you are adding time to your week. If you re-create the wheel every time you have to put a proposal together, you are taking up time that you could be spending on other marketing activities, taking a lunch break, spending the afternoon with your spouse and kids. If you are starting numerous projects without bringing any of them to completion, you are wasting time spinning your wheels rather than profiting from one of those great ideas.

You see, it's important that you know where your time is going, what results you are getting from how you spend it, and what price you are paying (both professionally and personally) for spending so much time in your business. I personally nearly lost my family due to to many hours and effort put into work. I now strive to help people realise there is more then success at the workplace but looking after what is more important to you - mind you this can be achieved while you are successful at the wrokplace.

Please don't take years to learn this one. It's a truth. If you figure out what your demon wants to eat, and you feed it to him on a regular basis, he will give you the key to the desired outcome!

I guess this analigy is used for what you put into your business and what you get out of it.

Many people feel that my tracking your time takes more time out of the time you already spend on tasks at work. But this one is worth it.

Yes, it can be boring and it does take a little bit of time. However, if you invest tiny little bits of time throughout the day (adding up to only 10 minutes/day probably), you can discover the keys to propelling your business or your personal goals forward.

Start today by tracking how you spend your time (track every 15 minute segment) for the next 5-7 days. Include all the time you spend working, including evenings and weekends.

After the week is over, look back over the completed worksheets and tell me what you see. Look for things like:
-breakdown the number of hours you are spending on:
oproviding your services
ooffice work (invoicing, paying bills)
oother functions
-add up the number of hours it takes you to do certain standard functions that are part of your business
oattending a meeting (driving to/from + meeting)
owriting a proposal
oadding a new client to your practice
odoing your accounting work

Too much time spent on office work could tell you that you need to outsource some of your administrative work.

Too much time spent on email might tell you that you need to stop reading so many junk email, only read/answer personal email during off hours, or learn how to use the sorting function of your email program so the most important emails are highlighted.

Too much time spent on marketing efforts that are not yielding new customers could tell you that it's time to quit that networking club or stop using direct mail, so you'll have more time to invest in the types of marketing that are working well for your business. Ask where the new client got your information from and this will tell you where your dollars are being noticed. (where have your current customers come from? Do more of that!)

Too much time spent attending prospect meetings might tell you that you need to reduce the geographic area you are targeting in order to decrease the time it takes to go to/from prospect and client meetings.

Too much time spent writing a proposal might tell you that you need to automate your process more so that you only have to input a few items of data to create each new proposal, contract, or spreadsheet.

There is so much to learn by tracking your time. Yes, it might be boring, but it's an investment of 10 minutes a day for a week that might just buy you the freedom and financial success you've been seeking.

Please let me know your thought on this.

All the best and happy selling. - by Snowboy
I am certainly not this advanced in Sales but thanks for the great post, from my point of view. thmbp2; - by Wowsap