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How Would You Teach Others To Sell Successfully?

If you could pinpoint exactly what it is you do that makes you successful in sales what would be your answer?

Imagine that you are in charge of training new, inexperienced salespeople in your company with absolutely no experience. How would you go about getting them started out like champions?

Would you concentrate on making them experts in...

Becoming experts in product knowledge?
Learning about selling psychology?
Teach them how to market themselves?
Work on changing their mindset?
Advise them to find mentors and coaches?
...All of the above?

By imagining you are in control of other people's careers and lives you can gain huge insights and a new awareness of your own skills and your heart. When you do this your thinking 'shifts' from YOU, to THEM.

Imagine these people are counting on you for their, and their family's, financial success. They are relying on your to teach them exactly what they need to do to earn money to take care of their family, pay their bills, and be successful in their work.

They are dedicated, intense, and will follow everything you suggest to them because you are successful and they want to be where you are.

Give this concept some serious thought. It will let you know where you are in your skill level, your 'people level,' and your 'success level.' It will help you become more 'aware' of yourself. If you are ready to help others it is your duty to do so. If you don't think you are at that level, then work hard to get yourself there.

No matter where we are in our 'success level,' we can help others who are working to be where we are at. Some will always be 'ahead' of us, and some will always be 'behind' us. This is a fact of life. It is your 'duty' to help those you can.

And when you do this, you will move up the ladder of success, both professionally, personally, and spiritually. You will become more aware of who you really are and the good you can do.

When you 'kick your EGO out the door,' and concentrate on helping as many other people as you can with the skills and knowledge and experience you have, you move up the ladder of your own success.

Any thoughts on this concept?...

...Coach Doug - by Dougd55
Coach Doug,
Like so many of your posts, I think this one is great. I really liked the point you bought up in regards to kicking the ego out the door. The ones from my experience that come in with the big can not stay standing when they get beaten and everyone will one day.

For me though if I were teaching I would go deeper then the outside of training external product knowledge and so forth. I would help the new sales team to realise who they are and what they want in life. Many people want to strive for the right things: Family, Spirituallity, and so forth. All they need is a little help to get them to realise it.

You have hit the nail on the head with saying that the prime target would be to teach others that they want and desire to help others. Sales isn't about stitching the next person up that walks through the front door it is all about helping and consultant the prospect to give them what they need while seeing how close to the want you can get.

I would embed this insight into their heart not merely just for their head knowledge. I would also give them reason to have faith in themselve and to put it into action.

"Faith without works is dead"

Great post.
Cheers Coach Doug, - by Snowboy
Thanks Keith...your opinion is valued and appreciated. I look forward to reading your book when it's finished... - by Dougd55
I'd teach the new salespeople how to find qualified prospects. thmbp2; - by Marcus
Thanks Keith...your opinion is valued and appreciated. I look forward to reading your book when it's finished...
Thanks Doug, - by Snowboy
I would instill the importance of prospecting EVERY single day, no matter how successful the sales person may be. It needs to become a habit.

I was very successful in my early years with prospecting, but never got into the habit of daily prospecting (said cold/warm-calling) and I've come to dread making the calls and my income has suffered substantially because of it. (17 years selling)

Secondly, relationships between seller and client/customer has been where I've had great success. I lo