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Dealing with unrealistic price expectations in auto sales

I am fairly new to auto sales and still learning every day. One thing that I found is that many customers have unrealistic price expectations on new vehicles and when you explain to them why you can't reach that price number they often get mad and upset and even get up and rudely walk out on you.

For example: Say you have a vehicle with a $259 monthly payment for 60 months and your customer says "that is too much, i really need to get to $200 a month with out putting any more money down." And after you explain to them that $59 X 60 = $3540 and that is an aweful lot of money to take of the price of a new vehicle, they get angry with you and many times get up and leave.

How do you handle a situation like this? Am I dealing with this in the right way? - by cozmo
I don't sell cars so I don't know how the system really works so I may be completely off base.

I have to do a lot of price negotiation and when someone makes a rediculous offer like that I sit them down and we write it up as a formal offer with a deposit check attached.

At this point it's one sided, but what you've done is to take their side in the deal and that will take the edge off. In most cases folks who do this are acting irrationally with no negotiating skills whatsoever.

What management comes back with is any