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Fields of Sales Expertise

Hello All,
I have noticed throughout the forum that there a several different sales fields that everybody is coming from and it is great to see.

Please select a poll option that fits your category - If it isn't there please let me know what industry you are in and post it for others to see.

Thanks - by Snowboy
Go the computers - by Geekust
Residential home sales (real estate). ;sm - by Houston
Editor of a media station. - by Auctioneer
Real estate for me. thmbp2; - by Jabber
Go the computers
Thanks for your comment Helen. - by Snowboy
Residential home sales (real estate). ;sm
Thank you Houston,
Do you like Real Estate?

Cheers - by Snowboy
Editor of a media station.
Thank you Very much for your input Auctioneer - How do you find the Media side of things? - by Snowboy
Real estate for me. thmbp2;
Cheers Emma,
I know you are only new to the Real Estate Industry but how are you finding it at the moment?

Cheers - by Snowboy
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