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Almost eveyone manager I know says that "recruiting" new sales reps is difficult at best. I figure this can't be the case for everyone, right? So where have you found to be the best source of new recruits... local classifieds, trade journals, online, ??? - by BossMan
Recuiting is not my strong point. I used to advertise in the classifieds but the results left a lot to be desired. Now I focus my efforts on personal recruiting. When I come across someone in the business that I feel would be productive and fit well within our organization I have a little talk with him/her. ;) - by AZBroker
I would imagine that Trade Journals would be good place to advertise for management positions.

As for entry level sales associates the local classifieds would be my first choice.

When looking for experienced staff I would actively recruit top performers in the area. - by salescoach
I prefer personal recruiting because it's more convenient for me. Infact, I favor more if applicant is recommended by a friend. I heard too about recruiting sales representative from the agencies. - by shinningstar
I think it depends on the type of job you might be recruiting for. In medical sales, my manager used to ask the purchasing people at the hospitals for some people in the area who were good. This was 6 or 7 years ago, but I think he usually got some good names.

Susan - by susana
It depends on job, you can get sales rep for some products and services very easily while for some its too hard to find - by mtajim
I've had some luck getting recruits from my website. Well, I haven't actually gotten them yet but they have inquired and I sent them the printed materials that they need, as well as referred them to Avon.

I haven't tried to get recruits locally because I live in such a small town. I'm not sure I want the competition! - by ozzie
Anyone in this board tried to recruit sales representative from newly graduates of universities? I heard from a friend that newly graduates of sales or marketing degrees are easy to train. How true? - by shinningstar
I love when recruiters call me, and ask me if "I know anyone in my industry who might be looking" when in fact they are asking about me. Good approach for the most part.

Believe it or not, Craig's List will get some responses.

I think hotjobs, monster and the like are good resources.

It's not easy finding good people, and that is EXACTLY why recruiters do so well. It's not easy.

I saw a thread about recruiting independent reps. i have to check that out next, as that is something that I am after. - by Telephone Guru
Without question, I have found www.linkedin.com the very best way to go when it comes to networking and finding good people. Best of all - it's free. - by seanmag
In the recruitment business, it is NOT uncommon for the head-hunters to post phantom jobs. When the resumes roll-in, they are used to build-up their data-bases. Should an attractive resume percolate to the surface or if a call is made to the search firm: "Oh, that was pulled by the client" OR "It was just filled".

In the systems integration business (computers & professional services), it is extremely difficult to find good SRs. So, whenever one of the suppliers sent an email to their channel partners (neglecting to "BCC" the address list), I would compose a professional intro and send it to everyone on the list.

If this appeals be prepared to have the principals of these organizations to come down hard on your efforts. In fairness, I had a number call me to offer me a job expressing much appreciation for my "ballsy approach".

Be prepared when you see competitors teetering on Chapter 11 as this presents itself as a superb opportunity.

I have used the job boards (workopolis & Monster) with little success. As well, I am on LinkedIn but I find these "networking" boards to be cumbersome. Where, I'v'e had some people contact me, there hasn't been much substance.

In point of fact, all-in it's probably less expensive to negotiate a good rate with a search firm