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Customer are always right (NO) but there are first!

Hello all,
I hear in the sales industry alot that the customer is always right. This can't be true as they are requiring a sales professional to consult them in the way of which they should walk.

In consideration of this it is vital that we as sales professionals become aware that the customer is the most important thing in their career. You HAVE to put the customer first at all times.

I have had several complaints that the customer is wrong or we don't need this style of customer and so forth - try not having them for 30 days and see what your thoughts are.

All the best selling tools to you all and I wish you all great selling opportunities.

Montelle - by Coffee
What I have found in my short experience with consumers is that if they are wrong the best way to keep them happy is to allow them to save face. Dont make it a point that they are wrong, be subtle, I usually explain that I have looked over everything and seems fine to me, if anything is wrong the customer usually finds out for themself and will be the one apologising to you.

As long as we as salespeople make sure we do not make mistakes on our orders or are being controlled by a customer, I dont see anything with letting the customer think they are right. - by MCS_80
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