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Car Sales Question

I work for a company that offers haggle free buying. Our goal as account executives is to sell the customer on our program and then match their needs and budget with our cars. We sell mainly American cars and most of our cars are in our inventory. My question to you guys, how do you overcome a customer who wants a certain type of brand car (japanese cars) and sell them into an american product. Most of my customers love honda and toyota because they are reliable, i tell them that all cars are made to last, a car is a car it will break down but the way you handle your car determines its longjevity. What will be an effective technique or how would you overcome these concerns. - by llkooljaay
Well llkooljay,
I have been searching my mind for an answer to your question and the best I can come up with is this......
I used to sell toyota and when I had a customer that had always bought domestic I used a website called Edmonds.com there you can compare any 2, 3 or even 4 cars to each other and let the stats speak for themselves. Ofcourse, you would want to know beforehand how the Ford Focus stacks up to the Toyota Corolla or whatever the case may be. I hope this is helpful.
Also, you may just avoid trying to sell against anyone and just focus on what you have to offer. All cars are not built to last. - by staceylee

Anybody who has decided 100% on a japanese car wouldn't both to go to a dealer of domestic cars. So there's some reason these customers are coming into your dealership. If you can find out what it is, then you'll have your answer.

One way to do this is to come right out and ask them: "I've heard there are people out there who want to buy japanese cars - but you came into our showroom knowing that we don't sell japanese cars. May I ask what attracted you to our cars?"

Whatever the prospect tells you will be the reason they end up purchasing from you and not the dealer next door who sells Japanese cars!

Once you establish this, then you can go ahead and deal with the quality objection (but only if you can verify that is truly his objection). Good luck! - by Skip Anderson
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