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Face to Face cold calls

I train marketers for a company that offers a service to the insurance industry. They market to insurance agents exclusivley.
Are type of marketing is unique in that we are not asking for a sale or a contract. We are just telling them about our services so that if one of there insureds has a problem they will have them call us.

We do fire and water damage restoration. So if you had a problem w/ your home you would call your insurance agent and our goal is to have the insurance agent tell them to call us or call us for their customer.

My question is how many visit to an office do you feel it would take to have us me top of mind w/ the insurance agent.

We visit on a 4 to 6 week cycle. - by LesaG
Greetings Lesa:

When I sold floor coverings I also worked with insurance agents supplying their clients with new floor coverings after damage occured to their homes.

This is a market you really have to spend a lot of time attempting to get a 'foothold' in. The majority of these agencies already work with people providing the same services you do. Your job will be to build a relationship with the people who own/manage these agencies.

In addition to regularly calling on these people you must learn about their personal interests also through your conversations, their office decor, pictures on the walls, or whatever. I always kept my eyes open for breaking news articles that would affect their business and mailed these articles to them with a note and my business card. If I found they liked baseball I would take 2 tickets to a Major League game in with me on one of my visits and give them to the owner/manager. If they had a favorite restaurant I would get them a gift certificate. Yes, I 'bribed' them. But I made sure they knew they weren't obligated to me because of my gifts.

Most salespeople don't do this but it let them know I was serious about getting their business and establishing a relationship with them. I didn't ask for ALL their referral business at once, I simply asked for a small part of it to start. I wanted to give them a 'taste' of our willingness to work within their adjusters pricing parameters and the high quality of our products and services. I did everything I could to MAKE THEIR JOBS EASIER while satisfying their clients claims. And I made sure we repaired their clients homes with new flooring as quickly as possible and I followed up with each of their clients personally after the job was done to make sure they were happy.

Once you secure some business from an insurance agency never stop building a personal relationship with the owner/manager. Continue to personally stop in to say hello and take them to lunch occasionally. Continue to give them 'gifts' because they are making you money. Become their 'go to' company and make them know they can count on you when they need you. If you slack off because they are sending you business you won't have the account for long because your competition will be calling on them also.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to work for their clients instead of staying within the pricing parameters of the insurance agency's adjusters. When their clients came into my flooring store to pick products they usually complained about the amount of money the insurance company was willing to pay them. They wanted the best products even though the value of what they had wasn't near the best. If they want an 'upgrade' make sure they know it will cost them out of their own pocket.

When you stay within the pricing parameters of the insurance agency you will continue to get more business from them on a regular basis. Their clients won't be sending you more business on a regular basis, so remember who you are working for.

You wont' secure much business just by 'showing up' on a regular basis. You must find out how to build a personal relationship with these people Lesa.

Hope that helps you train your people... - by Dougd55
Your are correct. We do do all the things you said. I believe strongly in relationship building. I asked the questions because I am doing research for our franishor. I have given them my data from the last 15 years and have found that it takes between 9 and 12 months to secure an agents business if you do good work and have excellent follow up.

I was hoping someone could tell me in a similar market how long it took them to start getting calls from their marketing.

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