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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

ResistAnce not resistEnce. D'oh!

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in my introduction, I am a medical transcriptionist. I am in the process of starting my own business and looking for my first client. I have been answering employment ads because, hey, they're definitely in the market for my services! People seem to like me and are impressed with my qualifications, but as soon as I suggest the work be done offsite, I get the same big objection every time, "We tried that once; it didn't work out."

Ouch! All of a sudden I've done a lousy job establishing trust and credibility and differentiating myself from the pack of "transcription hobbyists." Once the objection has been stated, I haven't been able to overcome it.

This is terrible because if they considered outsourcing their transcription before, they obviously saw some value in it at the time. It's also a very emotional objection, for obvious reasons, because they are willing to take a chance on hiring me as an employee which takes time, money, and loads of paperwork, not to mention training, all with the possibility it might not work out rather than send me a few dictation files and quickly eliminate me from the candidate pool if I don't measure up. Can any of you fine professionals help?

My sincere thanks,

Tanya Armstrong

PS: These are a few of the things I think differentiate me from my fellow transcriptionists (if it helps):
- Both transcription and quality assurance experience (quality assurance is similar to a management position)
- 10+ years in business management
- I am a single professional, NOT a stay-at-home mom
- I offer a free trial to demonstrate my abilities
- Now I am considering leasing office space to avoid the "at-home stigma"

And I do apologize for the length of this post. :o
- by RushmoreMT
How many potential clients have you contact? Did you say the exact thing in your leading introduction and question each time? When were the other responses and how do you feel about them?

Some questins to consider. - by MitchM
People seem to like me and are impressed with my qualifications, but as soon as I suggest the work be done offsite, I get the same big objection every time, "We tried that once; it didn't work out."
What is your reponse to this concern? - by Jackie
I'll address both previous posts in this one. Yes, my inital steps are virtually the same. Since I am answering employment ads, I normally send out a cover letter/resume first, as most ads don't include a phone number. If there is a phone number or I can find one out, however, I do call first. My voice mail message is essentially a shortened version of my cover letter. I tell them I am interested and ask that before they make a final decision to consider the benefits (A,B,C) of hiring me. I do feel my cover letter/resume and voice mail are fairly good because I am getting a good response to them.

When I do finally speak to a live person, I always ask about the position and about the clinic or practice itself. I also ask what they are looking for in a transcriptionist, and in an attempt to head off this objection I am dealing with, I have started to ask why they are looking for a new transcriptionist (if they admit their last in-house transcriptionist didn't work out, but they are obviously willing to give it a try again, perhaps I can use that later?) Well, so far, nobody has admitted to that. I am also considering on my next round asking why they chose, out of all of the applicants, to call me or why they are considering me, again to hopefully help address this trust concern before it is even brought up.

As for how I am handling the concern. Not very well, obviously! I do ask them what happened and to tell me a little bit more about the experience if they are willing. Aside from that, I have been varying my response as I try out new things. First of all, am I making a mistake by trying to handle it immediately rather than going back and attempting again to establish a relationship or my qualifications, etc.? Once the objection is brought up, the call ends almost immediately. At any rate, I normally start with: