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Getting Re-motivated

Have any of you gone through a slump where you have lost your motivation....If so ...How did you get it back ?.....I am in a rut ...sales down 30 % ....I am not motivated anymore...I lost my MOJO...almost like burned out ...I am 38 yrs old ...and I have always been very motivated ...just not now ...any suggestions :cu - by dvon104

At one time or another, most salespeople face the same problem that you are experiencing. The root cause of your problem is A LACK OF PRODUCTION!!!

You said it yourself, "sales down 30%....."

I am certain if your sales were up 30% this post would be totally the opposite!

I suggest that you regroup and have someone who does not know you look over your business and/or your position to pinpoint where you are going off-track. Most of the time you are too close to see the problems that are hurting your production whereas it is very easy for someone else to identify the root cause of the issues.

I also suggest you focus on the basics; a simple consistent selling process, strong and effective marketing, and a mindset for success. When you have these 3 areas going in the right direction you will be back on track in no time!

All the best,

salespro - by salespro