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Do you set daily goals?

I've spent the better part of the day prospecting for new leads. I ended up passing my daily goal. Yeah! :)

I was thinking about how good it feels to reach my goal and wondered if others are doing the same thing. Do you set daily goals in terms of action items? - by Houston
I do however I'll admit that I don't on a consistent basis. :( - by SalesGuy
Yes I do set daily goals! - by MitchM
Not enough but I am consciously working on it. - by Newbie
No--I do not. - by Gary Boye
No--I do not.
Gary, what is your opinion on setting daily goals? :) - by Frankie
Gary, what is your opinion on setting daily goals? :)
I'd have to conjure up an opinion because I don't really have one. - by Gary Boye
I do in the forum of a "To-Do List." - by BossMan
I do in the forum of a "To-Do List."
I have a "To-Do" List. - by Gary Boye
I have a to-do list (it's pretty long!) On it are highlighted the things I know are high priority. When I get up in the morning and start work, I look at the list and see what looks like fun today, and set out toward one or more tasks for the day.

It's not a very formal system, but it works for me without making me feel like I'm on a treadmill! - by Terri Zwierzynski
I use prioritize to-do list that grows throughout the day. :) - by Gilbert
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