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Home cold calling

Hi all.

Most of the threads i've read here on cold calling have been related to B2B prospecting.

My situation is that I'm listing and selling residential real estate, so my target market requires home based cold calling. I'm new to cold calling (and relatively new to sales) so it's a daunting prospect for me and not something I'm looking forward to! Fortunately, once I've built up a reasonable client base and have got some momentum, I probably won't have to keep cold calling.

Just wondering if anyone has some useful tips or scripts for effective home based cold calling? Any help much appreciated!

Cheers. ;sm - by Mr Lee
Jacques Werth's High Probability Prospecting is an option. Jerry Bresser's "List More Sell More" is another option. - by AZBroker
Thanks AZBroker

I'll see if I can get a hold of those books - are those Authors based in the U.S? - by Mr Lee
Thanks again!

Just downloaded the first part of List More, Sell More. - by Mr Lee
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