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Confidence and Trust


I work in the finance field, and so my clients need to commit a lot of money when making any purchases (we are talking 10 years of commitment).

Because of this, establishing an extremely high level of trust is very important in my interview stage of selling. We meet with clients seperately for the interview (opening) stage, and the presentation stage.

I almost have to become best friends with the client in about an hour.

I have been doing the job for about 6 months, and I'm getting better at it, right now I can gain full trust for the two meetings, and get the clients to commit at the meeting, but sometimes they change their mind a few days later.

I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on building trust. My boss (who is damn good at selling), tells me it has mostly to do with confidence. If you believe in yourself, and the product, the trust will come.

My confidence level definately could be higher. Anybody got any tips about building confidence? Or trust for that matter?

Pete - by dsm56
I'm glad you brought this up Pete. I would like to learn more about this too so I'll watch this thread and see what others say. - by realtor
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