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Follow up skills ??!!

Hi all,

Just to get some advice or knowledge fromyou guys as i'm facing some problems on my following up of the customer.

A bit background on that:-
I'm selling s/w solution to organization where thare is B2B business nature.

I did well on the beginning part when presenting to person in charge of our products and its features and hows it help to bring the benefit to the organization.

But, there are always the problem i facing.
After presenting, the follow up comes in, where i need to follow up the ststus and in orderr to get the PO (Purchase Order) from them.

Normally the person in charge will response to you that they need to submit to management to discuss and approve on this matters.Even you have the details of the decision maker, they also will dragging your time by just saying they are busy at the moment.

So, my curious is to see anybody here have a good idea or skills to share on how to proceed to managemnt level and get the chance to present or sharing the products to them. Any skills or comments from you all that i should do or improve in order to get this done?

deUnique - by deUnique
deUnique, how about if you ask this early in your conversation with the prospect:

"Who else in addition to yourself will be involved in the decision to move forward or not move forward with this purchase?"

And then later,

"I'd like to go over your internal process for making decisions on purchases such as this with you, is that okay? [prospect says yes]." Then continue to probe until you have a clear picture of who will be involved and how the process will be made.

Doing that should prevent you from having many of these challenges when trying to close the deal. - by Skip Anderson
will try nad see...
thanks ya Skip Anderson - by deUnique
Skip Anderson, thanks for the advice, i did tried out the idea sharing from you.
But i will able to get their response and know who is the person to say 'Yes/ No'.

Now the problem is the person will not involve to listen to your demo or not have the time to meet with you, so i have to depends to the person in charge who i met and demo in the earlier stage again. And they will say same thing again that already submit the proposal to decision maker, but don't have response yet and etc...
Please advice.

deUnique - by deUnique
If I could add one thing...................

In my trade, there is an A and B appointment...............

The B appointment is to see the gatekeeper or 2ic and all you present is the sizzle.......................

Once they are excited, you can ask for a second appt with the decision makers ;wi - by PiJiL
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