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Your Special Talent/Gift/Skill/Strength

In one sentence, what would you say is your biggest selling asset? (the single thing that you think you are best at as a salesperson).

Here's your chance to announce to the world what your special talent/gift/skill/strength is. Please - let's see if we can all practice self control and limit our responses to one sentence!

And it would be great to have as many contributers as possible share their responses...even first time posters...without debating each other!!! msnwnk;

There are no right or wrong answers to this question.

Skip - by Skip Anderson
My greatest asset is an open mind. :) - by Houston
Listening Skills. ;co - by Jolly Roger
Who else can contribute?

Skip - by Skip Anderson
my ability to intimidate and alienate people - by Fitness Trainer
Everything as you know is inter connected - what's the one reason your marriage has lasted is one of those questions people answer with a cliche which will never uncover the dynamics of ten or fifty years of marriage. Obviously your question begs the same understanding and more complete answer so as to not remain in the cliche state.

One of the things I am best at is "keeping my focus on the ball and when I drop it picking it up again." What that implies is commitment and clarity and ability to "handle the ball." What that implies is discipline and always returning to the basics. What that implies is an understanding of what's important and what is not in my business. What that implies is comprehension - okay, I could go on.

What all of that implies for me personally since my business is totally dependent on monthly repeat orders and a network of like minded people is my ability to train key people to do what I just posted. I also do that well.

MitchM - by MitchM
mimicking and adapting to each individual client/customer to gain the best rapport - by MrCharisma
knowing my product inside and out so i can have the confidence to sell it and convey that to my prospect. - by easyrider1
One more asset to mention stepping off that lofty perch we all talk from sometimes, is being laid back as they say and relaxed. My mentor and sponsor who recruited me - a man who excelled in what he did previously to a very high level of success - by his example taught me from the beginning to be relaxed. Also, to keep a sense of humor.

"People either want it or they don't. If they do, help them get it. Otherwise move on and enjoy life," he said. It took me a while to believe it could be that simple.

This advice came from a man who built a business working out of seven states in the 80's/early 90s as an actuarial consultant following an English/law degree and two years of going to the top in insurance sales.

He also taught me one thing that's become an asset: how to recognize what's authentic and what's not.

MitchM - by MitchM
I'll repeat the first post in this thread so other people can feel free to get involved:

"In one sentence, what would you say is your biggest selling asset? (the single thing that you think you are best at as a salesperson)."

Please do share if you haven't posted yet... - by Skip Anderson
I believe my ability to read and understand people, as well as making them feel like were in this together to succeed has helped me. - by MoneyMaker
Honesty, integrity, product knowledge, attitude, sincere belief in the product, and genuinely wanting to help the customer find a solution to their problem. - by DaveAtICA
Thanks for posting, Dave and Money. Who else will share their special strength/skill/talent? - by Skip Anderson
mimicking and adapting to each individual client/customer to gain the best rapport
I would have to agree with you 100% - by MissJackson
My Stunning good looks and the fact that although I am not overly smart, Im strong as an ox.

All joking aside, It is truly my ability to make light of a situation and keep anything fun for everyone around. - by Jaron Watkins
Well I am ugly, not funny, can't hear to listen to a customer and as charming as a spit ball.......

but I am thick skinned and don't mind rejection which