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Recruiting Commision Sales People

I am curious to know, of those on the boards who solicit the sales skills of independent sales representatives:

Where do you recruit, and do you have any tips or gotchas you could share with me?

Thank you in advance!

Lance - by Lance_Best
When I managed a sales office a few years ago the only place I advertised for new hires was in the local newspaper. What suggestions do you have Lance? - by Houston
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Lance, the very best way to recruit is using an advanced technique, it is similar to what head hunters use but is far more effective if you do it yourself, as only you can bring great promise to a prospective sales staff member. And that promise revolves around being able to offer an environment where it is not just what they get paid that will affect them but what they will become.

If you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad you will see that Robert Kiyosaki decided to take a job with Xerox. Because back then they had the best training programs. It was not just what he would earn but the fact that he would learn - in other words become a better entrepreneur, due to the learning sales through the training.

Smart choice. But he was advised to do that. Sales people who earn well already are apt not to think about getting a job with great training, they are more likely focused on what they have to do to keep the gravy train running. That is why we must surprise them.

It - this fabulous technique - revolves around stealing proven producers. They will come because of the promise that you can help them learn to be master sales people, that this will make a huge difference in their career & therefore their lives.

But to really understand why ... you have to first understand why not. Why don't you hire from WANT ADS? Because GOOD SALES PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE A JOB ... all you get is the sales people who did not work out else where or green horns.

Now that you know why you need to steal 'em, all that remains is HOW TO CATCH A TIGER BY THE TAIL AND ADD HIM OR HER TO YOUR SALES STABLE. This is an advance technique, one you have to hear, I really can't explain it in text. There are nuances and voice inflection that go with the laws of attraction and this technique ... you have to hear it.

In short, there is no ad that will cause a winner to pick up a newspaper. There is no script that can teach how to instill confidence, you either work on yourself to become a leader. In short, there are no short cuts .. sorry but I hope this helps. - by Gold Calling
A couple of days ago an independent distributor I recruited called up a gal who is successful in commercial real estate and asked her if she wanted to look at another stream-of-income producing business opportunity that offered ongoing training and long term residual income. The gal said she might - they talked for a few minutes - yesterday they met.

No decison has been made yet but I'd agree with Gold Calling that calling on successful people is important in most situations. On the other hand, some successful people are not looking for anything else and some unsuccessful people are going to be successful with the right fit.

Where and how do you recruit, Lance?

MitchM - by MitchM
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