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telemarketing what are some good companies

i have recently had a very bad experience with company out of florida that is supposidly a llc but my lawyer could not find them with the state, also the so called ceo forged my name on a 2600 dollar contract and said i faxed the copy over to him i dont own a fax every contract even with my bank is pdf, but any way be careful who you do business my attorney is still dealing with this company , sorry to say that was my first time with a telemarketing company, now i know they all arnt like that and i would love to find a legitamite company that i can work with, i have alot of business to give pretty much unlimited if they produce for me, so if anyone had any suggustions or advice with any good companies i would really apprectiate it

Thanks Guys,

Mike - by Mike22
Sorry this posts gone unanswered for so long.

Are you stuck on being 'over seas', with your call center? I can put you in-touch with the business manager of over 14 Canadian call centers.

I do allot of work with him and can reccomend their services to you.

Please contact me if you're interested. - by Lance_Best
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