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How to design a good flyer?

I am a personal trainer in a local gym. I understand that flyers are basically "passive marketing" etc....but the fact is, I still have to have one on the wall of the gym.

That being said, how do I design a GOOD one?

I recently had a potrait taken to use on the flyer. Beyond that....what should I do?

I know that it cant be very "wordy" and that is probably where I have gone wrong before? (the best propaganda is aimed at a 5th grade mind level, lol)

So what sort of things should I say on the flyer? What are some good "hooks"? - by Fitness Trainer
What goal do you want the flyer to accomplish? Is the goal to build a list that you can market to? Is the goal a direct response? Is the goal to promote a special offer? What is the goal? - by SpeedRacer
For now the goal is just to let people know "uhmm hello? there are more trainers here than the 2 or 3 being utilized" lol.

I need to let people know I am available to train them.

So obviously my contact info....maybe also list my experience, my prices.

of course, I am open to any and all suggestions.

one thing that might help set me apart is that I just got a bodyfat analyzer....so I might add the little blurb "bodyfat % measured and tracked" etc

so basically I just want my portrait...a few nice factoids maybe. Then maybe a good call to action? but liek I say, im open to any and all help

any good free flyer templates out there? - by Fitness Trainer
Try MicroSoft Publisher for starters. It's a component of MS Office. Easy to use with lots of templates.

Chuck - by Sales Pro 1000
I know it's been since November when you posted your question. I'm a new member and was just wondering if you ever solved your problem and if you have had any luck with your flyer. Being the new year, there are probably lots of new people at the gym. This could be one of your tag lines...'Don't fail at your resolution to lose weight in 2008...let me help you stay on track... - by avela64
Fitness Trainer,

If I were designing your flyer I would focus on results rather than your head shot. Although it might help differentiate you from other trainers, the head shot should be played down and the benefits should be played up.

I would start with a professional photo of a healthy, energetic, physically fit person either working out or admiring the results in a mirror. The copy would include bullet points addressing the benefits of choosing you to be their trainer, as well as a few testimonials and your contact information. It would be short and sweet, but concise and powerful.

You can easily set yourself apart from the average trainer with a well crafted flyer, which, by the way, could be adapted for use as an ad, mailer, brochure, etc...

Best of luck! - by DesignGuy
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