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Sell-ing Suckz

I purposely changed the title by one letter (plus added a hyphen). This so as not to give the title any link JUICE on Google (it is SUCKS not SUCKZ).

Here is what I posted this thread for;

(1) Does the title of the book annoy you?

(2) Does it hurt our profession?

(3) Is it 'going too far'?

We are entitled to our opinions, as these are legitimate questions. Therefore, this is not TORTUOUS INTERFERENCE (in other words, the author, who we will not name, has an expectation to make a profit from the creation of his intellectual property but we also have a write to say that we think it hurts our profession) if done correctly with class and a sound reason.

Keep in mind, if you think it does hurt sales, we do not want to mention the author's name or other titles in the thread. In fact, though I cannot speak for Jeff Blackwell, l the owner of this forum, I am certain he will agree and edit any attempt at promotion by the inclusion of such.

So, if you have an opinion, one way or another, leave out this kind of linking information, keep it classy and we can chat away about this abomination (I guess you can see what my opinion is).

One way or another - opinions? - by Gold Calling
Keep in mind, if you think it does hurt sales, ...
In the thread above I stated "hurt sales". By this I meant "hurt the sales profession". I wish it to be clear. Does the title give you a negative impression of what we do as sales professionals?

Honest and classy opinions only please. - by Gold Calling
Tom Wolfe has made a living penning articles and books with unusual titles, spellings and made up stuff.

The title doesn't annoy me nor does it attract me. I'm indifferent to it.

I wouldn't say it would hurt our profession.

I wouldn't say it's going too far.

My tastes would be to use standard spelling and grammar along with standard punctuation -but who knows what will grab attention.

MitchM - by MitchM
The author did use standard spelling and grammar. This was changed so it would not link to a "title search" was done online at Google or Yahoo. That is all.

Anyway, thank you for your opinion. - by Gold Calling
Okay, I misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification.

"S******* S****" wouldn't attract me. I don't like it!

MitchM - by MitchM
I am unclear Mitch, you don't like selling? Or you don't like the name? - by Gold Calling
I'm sorry for the mess ups, GC.

No, I love selling - I love doing what I do call it what anyone wants it's about finding people who want what I'm offering, etc. you know the business I'm in, GC.

It's the title I said I didn't care for - I also said I'm indifferent to the title - BUT in an age of flip-flops it could become a best seller. It's got a hook to it, if it's marketed well, has something to say a segment of people want, it might be a great seller.

Does the title have anything to it that might hurt our profession? I don't think it does.

MitchM - by MitchM
So, you don't care for the title. Okay, understood.

It bothers you but it seems contrary to say that it is then not hurtful to the industry. Again, I am not nitpicking here ... just wondering if you see a connection.

Thanks Mitch. - by Gold Calling
I don't care for the title - the subtitle makes it more palatable BUT that's just a matter of taste for one individual. Right? I see the connection you're making and it's a valid one, GC. The contradiction comes in my uncertainty whether or not the title alone would be enough to hurt "the image" of the industry and hence the industry.

I'm not sure as I've see all kinds of things that seem contradictions or opposites to my thoughts and tastes become icons of something accepted by masses of people.

We obviously need more input here.

MitchM - by MitchM
I don't care for the title or the concept. I wonder who the target market is for this book... - by Skip Anderson
Interesting Comment Skip.

Sure would be great if others would chip in here. The topic is what do you think of this book title (I changed the title slightly for obvious reasons)?

Does it potentially hurt the sales profession?

I suppose all sales professionals could start a class action and/or Tortuous Interference lawsuit over the title alone. But the poin