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Improvement = Change

As 2007 winds down and we're all rushing to make our sales goals, it's a great time to identify what we'll do differently in 2008 to boost our sales numbers.

Sales improvement requires a change of sales behavior. Unless you work for a company that introduces a hot new product that the market is clamoring for, or introduces a new effective marketing campaign, or you get ongoing income from ongoing orders, nothing will improve sales but a change (improvement) of your sales behaviors. Experience alone will not increase sales, unless that experiences tells you to behave differently.

Please share with the SalesPractice community what you will change in 2008 to bring about increased revenue for yourself and your company. These can be big changes or little changes, but please be as specific as possible. Maybe you need to get in the habit of asking the prospect to buy. Maybe you need to spend more hours working. Maybe you need to ask for referrals. Whatever it is, please share it with the community.

I think this can be a good exchange of information so we can all learn from each other as we prepare for '08.

And please, let's not debate these posts, let's just get a nice LONG list going. You haven't logged your first post yet? Here's an invitation to get involved at SP! It's painless! (veteran posters are encouraged to post, too). - by Skip Anderson
In 2008 I will get out of the office more AND I will prospect more. These two changes will make a huge difference in production levels. ;co - by Houston
Excellent, Houston, you're the first one to weigh in. Thanks.

Who else wants to go on record? - by Skip Anderson
My goal in '08 is to be more focused. Eliminate distractions. Also, to eat healthier and exercise more (not directly related to sales, but important to feeling better, which is important to sales).

Cheers! - by Starlor
Thanks for your post, Starlor. Good luck with those priorities.

Who else would like to tell the community what change(s) you plan to make in 2008 to bring about increased revenue? - by Skip Anderson
2008 will be seeing me hopefully take a step back in selling and train new recruit in the field.

Also, learn other aspects of the business that I may not need, but could be handy aka Door 2 Door. - by MrCharisma
I'm going to work on "Procrastination"... starting tomorrow. - by SpeedRacer
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