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How are your Sales this Holiday Season?

I wanted to ask everyone, especially those in Retail Sales how the economy and the holiday season are effecting their sales.

For myself, I will be honest that last 2 weeks have been killing me.

Usually with Christmas season, customers are used to using their cc's, so even if they have to put down a partial deposit ...During Christmas I usually do very well.

But, this year.....thmbdn2;

I work 3 till 10 Monday to Friday, I have other commitments during the day. I quickly realized the people with money were calling in the morning and early afternoon, doing their shopping in the evening and all the broke jerk-offs since they have no money and no place to be are the one's calling in.

I'm scraping a living right, I completely changed my sales presentation the last 2 weeks. Normally, my presentation lasts 25 minutes before I ask for the money. With all the strokers calling , I dropped my talk time down to 12 to 15 minutes before I ask for the money. This let's me blow thru the losers, in a more efficient manner.

I figure compared to this time last year.....I am down $900.00 :sa

How's it going for you? - by MattyB
My personal sales are slow but that's because I'm laid back and doing little to sell.

Reorders that are done by ongoing customers online or by phone are 10 - 20% below average monthly sales BUT they usually pick up the last week of every month any way.

My group sales volume is 10 - 20% below typical months.

MitchM - by MitchM
Mine sucked wet armadillo fur, but then this is my slow time of the year. Techs have spent all their money on other things so they're not buying tools.

Pat - by toolguy_35
The last few weeks of the year are traditionally slow for me so I make hay while the sun shines and put away for the rainy days. :) - by AZBroker
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