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Best Follow & Contact Mgmt

I do have questions for all you sales pros. What is the best way you have to follow up with a potential customer? Also, what is the best contact management software out there? The company uses a program that is AS 400 based and only available while in the office. I have MS Outlook also that I use. I travel and work from home a lot so I need something that is portable, easy to use and able to help me keep my follow ups in order while having complete customer records.

Following up has always been a weakness of mine and I really want to make it a strength.

I am open to any and all ideas.

Thank you,

Bob - by rjm522
Hi Bob - I can't offer software info - someone else will have to do that - I use 4 x 6 cards and keep some info online. BUT if follow-up is a weakness of yours I suggest you find out why it is a weakness. Is it lack of a good online program or something else? What's keeping you from doing good follow-up.

What I've found is that when people answer those questions and determine they need to do better follow-up just about any good system will do.

The best to your success and great follow-up in 2008.

MitchM - by MitchM
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