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How I increased sales by 300% with one idea and a sheet of paper

This time, I feel that I should just share with this forum and not asking a question.

I want to share with you how I managed at 24 to sell far more insurance than any others people in my company when I was still a personal banker in France.

So my bank was also selling insurance. This is not their 1st focus but as personal banker we had to sell theses insurances to our custumers (people who already had a current/saving account)

There were 3 diferents insurances:

INSURANCE A: (1$/month): You die and someone you choosed get $8000.

INSURANCE B: ($11/month): If you have an accident and cannot work you receive the equivalent of your salary

INSURANCE C: ($4/month): cover any expenses related to legal trouble (get a lawer...)

At the beginning, I was doing like every others personal banker in my company. I was inviting a custumer for a meeting at the bank and then propose him one the insurances.

The results were ok but I was still wondering how to improve my presentation to get more yes.
And one day, I had a revelation!!! sn;

I was watching TV and i saw an advertising for those broadband offer when you get internet-TV-phone in one package for a single fee.

I decided to sell theses insurances like ONE product.

Here was my strategy

1. I printed from my computer a pyramid separted in three floor. (done this with MS Word)

2. During the meeting I'd take my sheet of paper and ask to the custumers:

Me: "What is the worst thing that could happen to you?"

C: "To die.."

And I would write Death on the base of the pyramid. Then I carry on:

Me: "What is the 2nd worst thing that could happen to you?"

C: "I don't know, maybe an accident..."

And I would write Accident on the 2nd floor of the pyramid. Then I carry on:

Me: "What is the 3rd worst thing that could happen to you?"

C: "I don't know..."

Me: "Having legal trouble!"

C: "That's true"

And guess what I do... I write Legal Trouble at the top of the pyramid.

After that (my most prefered moment in the presentation) I woulld ask:

"What if you could be protected for all theses troubles and never think about it again?"

C: "Well, I don't know, it would be good..."

At this moment, I would describe the benefit of each insurance following what I called "The pyramid of risk" ;st

When I finished my description I would ask him:

Me: "Ok Mr. Custumer for all theses benefits and being protected once for all, what would be the right price in your opinion?"

C: "Well... I supose at least $30 a month"

Note that they ALWAYS over-estimate the price.

This is when I said:

Me: (with surprised face :cu) "Come on for ALL theses protections only $30!?"

C" "Probably 50$ a month..."

Me: "We are more realistic now... would you had took this global protection for 30$ a month?"

C: "Oh yes probably" (they always say yes because at some point they really believe that the real price is going to be close to their last estimation)

Me: (smiling and relaxing) "So Mr Custumer, I'm happy to tell you that you are going to be protected because the cost of this global protection is only $16 a month."

I can see sparkles in the eyes of my custumers...

Me: Would you like to pay this monthly or annualy?"

Sale done!

After that ANY custumer I would have in my office would buy the insurances. Everything was so smooth, coherent and flowed naturally that the custumer could just say yes.

But you may be wondering how I handled the fact that the custumer would see three fee on his bank statement?

The answer was, after signing every contact I would say:

Me: Mr Custumer, don't be surprised if you see 3 different payment of $11, $4 and $1 on your bank statement. The insurance are charged separately so that if your situation change and you want to stop one of them you can do it without loose the benefits of the others.

I can tell you that he took me some rehearsing on my own to get this perfect and some risk taking.

I believe that you can get a lot of satisfaction when you use your creativity to get better results in your job.

Anyway, my message is that you can be creative in the sales field.

Hope it help and give you some ideas! ;wi
- by RyanH
Very creative RyanH. thmbp2; - by Houston
Excellent Ryan H.

You remind me of my first sales breakthrough and it was a biggie.

I did okay at selling steam cleaning and scotchgarding for carpets, but did poor to average at deodorizer. Got many putoff excuses and rebuttals did very little.

Got the brilliant idea of linking up deodorizer with steam cleaning. How? by telling customers that steam cleaning activated deodorizer plus pricing out what it would cost to do all the services for a room (instead of doing each separately).

The result? I raised sales by 300% on deodorizer while doing about triple the quota. And, oh yes, the putoff excuses stopped. - by Wonderboy
Wow, that really was good! - by Faizalnisar
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