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What is your favorite book on the law of attraction?

What is your favorite book on the law of attraction and why? How did it impact your life? How has it made you a better person or gotten you closer to the life of your dreams?
Shaun - by shaun
I just started reading "Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder. It's supposed to be one of the best. :) - by Marcus
What book(s) do you recommend Shaun? - by Houston
Napoleon Hill outlines everything one needs to know on the subject. Earl Nightengale and Napoleon Hill are the two people that put the law of attraction on the map.

"The Secret" and all the other contemporary books got most of their content from the two men named above.

"Think And Grow Rich" is a book that can be read over and over and you'll still pick up points and ideas you don't remember reading before.

It's been an excellent resource to help me control rather than be controlled by my thoughts and emotions. - by Billiam
Also, besides all of the above, Maxwell Maltz "Psyco-Cybernetics."

Those books and every resource I've ever used has shaped my thinking and behavior, shan. Some of my life dreams have been achieved with the help of the insights I gained from these resources. I also believe that insight - illuminating experiences from reading/resource material - often comes from unexpected places.

For example, I didn't find "The Secret" illuminating in this regard of attraction BUT my studies in bagua and aikido have given me great insight into attraction and repulsion, blending and confronting. and important inter personal dynamics to understand.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
Proverbs sn; - by salespro
I agree there are universal principles that govern the law of abundance. But whwn that door opens for us, we must be willing to do the work.

When we do...and only then, the result? Abundance.

Many people embrace the lottery mentality, meaning, they expect the universe to open the door and do the work. As a few studies have shown, a sad dismal story follows these lottery winners.

Probably because they are unprepared and unable to handle the result of winning.

Bottom line: the power of abundance is very real and its available to all but there is one rule. The universe opens the doors, you do the work. When you ask the universe to do the work you frustrate the plan - and are usually left frustrated, angry and depressed. - by GlennB
"What is the work and how do I do it?" is the question. That's where success is created or not.

People wanting to be successful become frustrated when from every direction they get varied, often conflicting, directions as to what constitutes what's known as "the law of attraction" as well as: how and how not to sell, promote, market, network, and prospect.

When people grapple with are cliches then cliches turned into everyone's communication of what they define as the substance embedded in the cliche.

MitchM - by MitchM
When burdened with challenges (work, relationships, financial) we can become vulnerable and highly susceptible to ideas or products that promise quick and simple fixes - the proverbial blue pill. As we have discovered, there is no easy way around a challenge, but there is a way to break through it.

Books like The Secret and others like it fall short of helping people learn what needs to be done in the here and now.

Many "Gurus" suggest that if you simply focus your thoughts, attention, and energy on having what you want, it will "magically manifest".

Successful people live in the here and now. If they spend any time at all visiting their castle in the sky, it is to learn what needs to be done so they can take the necessary action to turn their dreams into reality. The key word is action. Successful people focus on taking action and creating, others focus on escaping and fantasizing. - by GlennB
"Successful people focus on taking action and creating, others focus on escaping and fantasizing." -- GlennB

That's the difference! I've learned that from myself then in watching others. It's always the same.

People have to believe their actions can produce what they want. Without that belief they don't act. It becomes self fulfilling.

I do a three hour meditative hike six morning a week from 7:30 - 10:30. The first hour and a half is hiking and while I'm hiking I go through mental exercises, plans for the day, and reflecting things I'm grappling with usually giving voice to them - people passing by might see this crazy man hiking along talking to himself.

I arrive at a locally owned coffee shop where I drink a water and coffee and read for thirty - 45 minutes. Sometimes I meet people.

Then I hike another 30 minutes back home.

Often while I'm hiking I get two or three calls coming in and I do a little mentoring, sometimes distributors call with questions, etc. So business is often mixed in with the hike.

Back to Shaun's question, many, many decades of study have led me to my own identification with what's called "the law of attraction" today and what matters most is how one uses it if at all.

My morning hike description is one way I work with this idea.

MitchM - by MitchM

You have great insight. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your morning routine is incredible, it must keep you in awesome shape as well.

Be well!

GlennB - by GlennB
I agree that successful people take action and create. But they have to have a vision. If a person does not have a goal or vision to work toward, how do they know where they're going? I felt that was the line of The Secret. Have a goal, have a vision and go toward that vision. What ever rules of the universe kick in, so be it. Even Thomas Edison felt that he got some of his ideas from the universe, that the thought was there and if he had not invented it, someone else would. Oh yeah, Psyco-Cybernitics is a good book as in another reply - by mcaldwell
some of the best books i ve read are the success principles by jack canfield and the secret of course.
teh strangest secret is always a positive influence.
James Ray is also good. - by niallcore
Hi Shaun

I have only just joined the forum so you may have the answer already. There are a lot of great suggestions in this thread.

Think and Grow rich is a great book.As is Psych-Cybernetics. The New Psycho-Cybernetics is excellent to as it share some more relevant and recent examples.

These texts are great when you actually use them as a study manual rather than a quick read.

It is also like anything we do in life as a learning activity.
Start simple and increase in complexity.

A great place to start is Wallace Wattles book. The Science of getting rich ( Hint there are a number of sites on the internet where you can get it for giving your email address. I think it is the scienceofgettingrich.net).

As most people know this is the book that The Secret is based on.

Stick with it and read a chapter a day and just ask yourself questions around it.

A lot of excellent material is available on this subject. Most of which was written many years ago. Bear with the language as at first it can be old fashioned when you are not used to it.

Good luck and good for you to want to know more.

Studying this material will change your life as it opens new possibilities and awareness for you.

Good Luck
SalesManagers Coach - by SalesManagersCoach
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