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Question for sales trainer / coach


As the end of the year is coming I'm preparing a training/self-improvement program for 2008.

The idea is to commit to a number of days/hours of training and book to read.

I've got some questions about it:

1. What do you think is the minimum number of days I should commit in training on a yearly basis if I want to make massive improvement in performance.

2. What do you think is the better: doing training program or getting a personal sales coach?

3. How do I prioritize my need in training? I may need some improvement in differents area of selling but like for the 20/80 rules only few improvements will get me massive improvement in performance (I may think...) - by RyanH
Ryan, it matters not how long it takes as long as you learn. And it matters not how you learn ... as long as you do.

I have some advice for you;

(1) Mentoring is the best way to learn but, as any good mentor will tell you, you need to do your homework on your own. This means reading materials and listening to audios, both. If the mentor is repeating the basics that is an ineffective and unnecessarily expensive solution for learning the basics.

(2) The best form of learning is experiential; doing. But before you do and as you do (experience) the next best form is repetition. Listen to that set of tapes over and over ... this is why you cannot say how long it will take. It may take you less time than it will take someone else until you have learned through repetition and applied what you have learned.

(3) This process never ends. You are either improving or the opposite. There is no status quo in life. That means your plan should be for 5 years, not one!

(4) Training should not eat into productive time. If you sell to businesses and they close at 5 PM, most opening at 8:30, you plan and learn either outside of those hours or while driving your car (audio tapes) ... when you cannot call on prospects/clients.

(5) No one can advise priority of learning without knowing strengths and weaknesses. For each individual this would be different.

PM me if you want private help. Be glad to spend 30 minutes with you no charge. Then you will at least know what you must do. As long as you do that in your spare time, then the time required is not eating into your productive hours and therefore is irrelevant, as long as you do it and learn.

Massive performance improvement obviously includes efficiency. That means do not take days off to improve. Do it in your spare time.

Okay, have I stated do it (train) when you can not be productive already? Great!

One other thing, it may seem of topic but; does your plan include health? If you are healthier you can think better and therefore perform better (don't become an overweight sales person). - by Gold Calling
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