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Ogilvy on Advertising

Has anyone here personally read "Ogilvy on Advertising"? - by Houston
Has anyone here personally read "Ogilvy on Advertising"?
I haven't but I've hear it's very good. If that helps. - by Mikey
Has anyone here personally read "Ogilvy on Advertising"?
I'm not up on copy writing but I've heard the name before. I've seen a video here too. Are you buying Ogilvy on Advertising? - by Thomas
I was curious...went to my bookshelf...and there it was!

"Ogilvy on Advertising".

Inside the front cover I had written: November 8, 1984.

20 chapters by the master himself on the following subjects:
1. Overture
2. How to produce advertising that sells
3. Jobs in advertising - and how to get them
4. How to run an advertising agency
5. How to get clients
6. Open letter to a client in search of an agency
7. Wanted: a renaissance in print advertising
8. How to make TV commercials that sell
9. Advertising corporations
10. How to advertise foreign travel
11. The secrets of succes in business-to-business advertising
12. Direct mail, my first love and secret weapon
13. Advertising for godd causes
14. Competing with Proctor and Gamble
15. 18 Miracles of research
16. What little I know about marketing
17. Is America still top nation?
18. Lasker, Resor, Rubicam, Burnett, Hopkins and Bernach
19. What's wrong with advertising?
20. I predict 13 changes.

Come to think of it. The book doesn't go back on my shelf until I've read through it...AGAIN! - by SpeakerTeacher
I read both Ogilvy on Advertising, and also, his Autobiography. Ogilvy was an interesting man, argueably the greatest advertising mind of all time. Born in Great Britain, he served in the intelligence community in the U.S. during World War ll, and lived among the Amish people, pursuing a simple farming life for a few years. - by Ace Coldiron
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