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Super Hero Cards

Jeffrey Gitomer suggests this website: http://superherocards.com/

I wouldn't use them myself but Gitomer's suggestion makes me wonder if I'm missing something? What do you think about business cards like these? - by Houston
How business cards are used depends on the person, product and the company. As far as just the person as a variable, I know a couple of people who could use cards like that to get out a message because of them first, then the card. It's a fit because of their personality.

I wouldn't use them.
MitchM - by MitchM
From a marketing standpoint, borrowing Mitch's comment for the purpose of making a point, "I wouldn't use them" is not really a valid statement, as it is whether or not the prospect would be interested by them as apposed to any thought or feeling you would have personally as a salesperson (though I certainly understand Mitch's and Houston's sentiments). For instance;

We have all seen those displays with the business cards of local businesses in various restaurants and hotels. In such a display system a card like this would or might draw attention whereas one without FLASH might not. If this was the cause of the card being picked up, in that instance, the marketing worked.

ALSO - if your card was added by professional who met you to their business card storage folder and then, on looking something else up, if he/she was drawn to it and called you, like out of curiosity, and they ended up being a qualified prospect ... once again this marketing trick would have worked.

Lastly, I do not feel I can comment on this subject without delving into the topic of stretching yourself (self development). If the use of a card made you both feel like a SUPERHERO and, to some degree, you ("you" as in anyone reading this comment) acted more confidently, sort of growing into those shoes, then having them printed was or would be a fantastic move!

As for what Gitomer intended by making the suggestion in the book to use this marketing technique or to push your own buttons on self development, I am not sure, as I have not read it. I do know there is no need to use this gimmick or technique to maximize your effectiveness in sales long term. It is my considered opinion that hard work and properly applied sales skills will produce more results.

In B2B selling, for most industries, it would be my coaching advice to work on learning and applying skills first. Then, if you have time, once you have mastered these far more critical and rewarding pursuits, add marketing techniques and expertise later. - by Gold Calling
"I wouldn't use them myself but Gitomer's suggestion makes me wonder if I'm missing something? What do you think about business cards like these?" -- Houston

GC and I have interpreted the intent of your question in different ways, Houston, from which our replies come. Ultimately what we decide to use we use and from that some people will respond A others B still others C. So GC is right in that we don't know from the hypthetical prospect's perspective in this discussion or what would happen in the real world of prospecting.

GC and I would agree that "properly applied sales skills will produce more results." (GC) matters the most used with a good work ethic, though we may or may not agree on what are "properly applied sales skills."

On a scale of 1 - 10 in marketing effectiveness I'd rate any kind of business card at a 3. Other things are more important.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
There is one other thing that pops to mind. And that is your excitement. Or put another way the excitement level of the sales person.

If we are "up" we make better and more contacts, open & close more and begin a snowball affect. As in the momentum increases momentum because you get even more excited. Gimmicks like this, while they are probably a 3 on the importance scale in marketing, may have an effect of a 5 when the sales person gets an extra lead or two from using them.

It is hard to measure what turns sales people around. A great mentor is one of the best things you can have behind you. This would have far more impact than anything else but, if you had a sales manager who helped you a little less than a mentor would and that help gave you a leg up, then anything