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Cold Calling Training or Education

Have you undertaken professional training or serious study of Cold Calling? - by Houston
My cold calling education comes from the Jerry Bresser Institute supplemented with reading (books, online) and lessons from the school of hard knocks. ;) - by AZBroker
My cold calling education came from being thrown into the fire, so to speak.

I was given a product (used machine tools), an outline of a script, and told to fire at will. Not exactly the best teaching method.

I went on to continue my career in sales on and off of the next few years after that (I was also working in the construction industry). After an OTJ injury, I was told to get out of the trade by more than one doctor, because the physical demands of the job were too much. Back into sales.

I went to work as a territory manager for a company that manufactures industrial air cleaning equipment, and given responsibility over a 10 state territory. I earned one of the two salesmen of the year awards the company gives it sales force (one for most sales, one for most sales over goal (which is determined by the VP of Sales)) in ten months of their fiscal year for percentage over goal.

My wife works in education and interviewed for a job in another state than where we were living. Long story short, she took the job we moved, and I gave up my job so she could move up.

I'm now going through the growing pains of starting my own business (air cleaner sales as an independent rep for the same company I worked for), and find myself not having the same aggressiveness when it comes to the sales process. It seems that all of my time is spent on my website, or my shopping cart software, or other marketing tools.

I'm almost to the point where it's time to start working at getting the sales again, and I find myself dreading it. I love the business, I'm passionate about it, I believe in the product, and there is a definite niche for the product.

Aside from hiring sales help, which I can't afford to do, is there a program, or are there books people would suggest to give me some motivation and a better education on the selling process? I feel as though I've lost my touch, and I'm struggling to get it back.:dun :bl - by DaveAtICA
DaveAtICA what are the biggest challenges you feel you're facing? Is it getting prospects, engaging prospects, uncovering needs... some or none of the above? - by AZBroker
Prospecting and cold calling have always been weak spots for me. Once I have a client who has a need for the equipment, I have a decnt close ratio - by DaveAtICA
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