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Sales Technique

What is your personal sales technique?

In my case I try to get my customers to think of me as a friend and to have conversations with them rather than "pitch them" on a particular tool.

Then when we do get to the "pitch" as it were, I try to be excited about the tool under discussion and use the conversation to high-light the features. By the time I close the customer doesn't even realize it's been a sales call and he thinks buying is his idea.

Pat - by toolguy_35
Personally I like to ask questions that help people realize the situation they're in, that they need outside help and that my service is a worthy solution. - by AZBroker
I try to be a problem solver.

If a customer calls me, they have identified a problem and need a solution. I try to be professional and courteous, without being "overly" friendly... and I always try to find the most cost effective way to help them. I want to be honest, get the job done correctly, and be the person they call again if they have further needs for the type of product I sell. - by DaveAtICA
It used to be that I would use a lot of Tom Hopkins. Being a woman that didnt seem to fit my style.

The last 6 years I have increased the previous yearss income by 35%. Thats hard to do. I have to creidt it to a class I took back then. Timeline selling.

I am a devoted fan of the selling system because of what its done for me. Dont want to suggest though that I am saying its for everyone. I am just saying that it worked for me. - by girlclozer
Some days you just have fun.

Yesterday having a Saturday afternoon free time available, I met a new friend and fellow distributor at his friend's living dwelling which is a local senior home facility. My friend called on my to assist him in a presentation and ahead of time told me he didn't know if his friend would be open to our products.

I told my friend I don't usually go on appointments like that as they consume my time when I could be doing other things but this time I'd go along. My friend TL is a serious student of the Bible focused on the oldest Jewish traditions and he is a Christian intent on getting his Christian education from this study.

His friend - George - is a 93 year old Jewish athiest - the man we visited at the senior home.

We got there and immediately Georege took over the conversation throwing bombs at everything, at himself, having an argument with life first taking this than that then back to this side - a real energetic man. I played the part of instigator and asked questions, made a few challenges - okay, thirty minutes passed and it was a lively time. Then George turned to me and said, "Okay, TL brought you here to pitch me, right?"

"TL is my student, George, I'm here to teach him how to talk to someone like you, I'll tell you a little story if you'll listen to it, and it's up to you what you want to do. I'm not here to get you to do anything you don't want to do."

So I told my story, he listened, said he didn't want A, B, C and why and began telling his next story when I was done - well, he asked a couple of questions so he could throw bombs at my answers. (I noted the clock and decided I'd leave shortly and let TL finish his visit with his friend. There was a Mexican cafe down the street I wanted to stop at and pick up some fresh taco de lingua.)

This wasn't a high probability prospect obviously, and later in the day TL and I talked on the phone and he apologized and said he should have never wasted my time. I told him I went along to meet George as he sounded like an interesting fellow, and I asked TL what he learned. He made a couple of jokes about George then said, "Don't set an appointment with someone just to get in front of them unless all you want to do is spend some time together." TL is learning - he's very new.

I don't try to get anyone to think of me as a friend though I'm friendly. I'm not in the business of making friends so that I might sell them - making friends happens or not.

If it's a sales call be brief and pitch - make an offer and ask if it's what that person wants or not. That's the first way you create respect. Don't become someone's problem solver or magician or thought wave changer - move swiftly through life finding people who want what you offer - you can always get back with people if you want if there's time.

My sales technique - well, technique can take in lots of things - the opening is making an offer - pitching - and finding out of the person wants what I offer - that's it. Obviously if I happen to meet someone and we get into a conversation I listen, ask questions - it's what normal, curious people should do anyway.

Then I might offer what I offer and the other person says yes or no - it's a very simple proposition.

Have fun.

MitchM - by MitchM
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