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Communicating With Clients/Customers

I posted this on another thread where a posted said he uses Send Out Cards and Skip said it could be a good topic I should start another post on - so I am:

"Send Out Cards is a multi level marketing business many people in sales are joining for two reasons: 1. send out cards to clients, etc, 2. and create another stream-of-income while they do their primary business. Locally, I have four friends: 1. real estate, 2. virtual business support, 3. small business consultation, and 4. insurance sales who are with Send Out Cards.

How is Send Out Cards working for you, FollowUpMaster as far as:

1. sending out cards?

2. creating another stream-of-income?

AND, do you treat recruiting people into Send Out Cards as a sale?"

Anyone else with a comment or opinion or experience?

- by MitchM
What was your opinion of the opportunity and the quality of the product MitchM? - by Houston
I don't know about the business opportunity, Huston, - I haven't looked at the compensation plan structure and I know nothing about the management of the company.

The products I think are best suited for people who send out lots of cards as business related communications and they are very good - you can design our own, send post cards, fold up cards, etc. and do lots of things with them.

When I was looking at direct selling/multi level or network marketing companies I looked at the products, management, and the compensation plan - I wasn't interested in immediate retail sale income as much I was in long term residual or over ride income. People have different goals.

MitchM - by MitchM
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